This giant forex market and hedge funds guru was born in 1930. He fled from Hungary which was under Nazi occupation in the year 1945 during the Second World War. After a career with several firms in the finance business, George Soros established the Soros Fund Management in 1970.

His claim to fame was the short-selling of $10 billion that he did of the British Pound Sterling in 1992. He ended up breaking The Bank of England and netting a profit of $1 billion in just that one day.

George Soros has over the years been an active philanthropist donating tons of money to the minorities who are mostly discriminated for being who they are. He has had many achievements and is currently the #19 world’s richest man.

George’s Profile

George Soros is described as a Hungarian-American investor who is known for the following roles.

Manager of Soros Fund Management
He founded the Open Society Foundations
He is the advisor of Quantum Fund

Soros graduated from the London School of Economics and during this time he was a waiter and a porter. He earned both his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Philosophy from the same school.

The Philanthropy Work For Justice And An Open Society

George Soros believes in a free world where there are no borders and excessive restrictions that segregate the minorities and the other members of society who are perceived as different. This is the reason why he has over the years donated over $12 billion to charity for these causes on Investopedia.

Open Society
He is the chairman and founder of an open society which aims at the elimination of discrimination and intolerance of people who are different. It consists of a network of foundations that include several partners, projects and spans more than 100 countries worldwide.

He actually began his philanthropy when he was giving black South African students financial aid for scholarships during the apartheid period and in 1980 provided photocopiers to print banned texts in the Communist Eastern Bloc onNYTimes.

Having been a refugee in the Second World War in Hungary, Soros promised to give away $500 million to refugee organizations to take care of them. He also advocates for LGBTQI rights, sex workers rights and minorities in general. For more information, visit

The Causes He Supports

The following are some of the things that he supports:

He was behind the movement for same-sex marriage
He supported the move to integrate Europe’s, Roma.
He is all for taking away borders

In conclusion, George Soros is the biggest philanthropist and the freest man you will ever read about, his aim being to make the world a better place actively and to do away with the intolerance that people face among other injustices.

Thor Halvorssen, the president of the Human Rights Foundation, appeared on Fox News’ Intelligence Report with Trish Regan and discussed how presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is attempting to violate our basic human rights with his socialist campaign. Halvorssen’s father was a political prisoner in Venezuela, his mother was shot to death while Venezuela was under the Hugo Chavez regime, and his first cousin is currently in prison in Venezuela so Halvorssen has experienced Socialism first hand and has hands on experience with this type of government.


He understands that Sanders wants a redistribution of wealth but Thor Halvorssen states that this is not the way to end poverty in the United States. He states there are countries that do not violate basic human rights that do have socialist governments and that it is all possible as long as there are boundaries set in place. There needs to be separation of powers and certain branches of government, if not then you could possibly end up with a socialist government under authoritarian rule. These types of governments use socialism as a “mask”, Halvorssen says, to take control of the country’s finances. They claim that they are going to redistribute the wealth, set firm prices for products, when in reality they keep the money for themselves.


Trish Regan asks Halvorssen to explain Socialism because she believes that many Sanders followers do not understand what a Socialist government could do and Halvorssen explains that it all depends on the context because there are many countries that have a democratic government but enforce socialist policies. These countries would be found in Northern Europe such as Denmark or Sweden. Halvorssen also explains that having socialist policies are extremely different from having socialist governments and that many people believe Socialism, Communism, and Marxism to be the same thing.
Halvorssen’s main objection to socialist governments is that they give those in power the opportunity to essentially loot the country of its wealth and his example of Venezuela shows that when you allow that to go on for so long you eventually end up with a humanitarian crisis. However, he also goes onto say that he would prefer Bernie Sanders to be the Democrat nominee because Hillary Clinton has taken campaign donations from dictators and he sees that as terrible for our country. Find Thor on Facebook for more updates and information.