Atlanta Entertainment LLC and Basketball Hawks, the former contract owner of the NBA has organized a complaint in opposition to the New Hampshire Insurance Company. Atlanta Hawks claim that New Hampshire had violated an agreement concerning payment declarations prepared by Danny Ferry, the former general manager of New Hampshire Insurance Company.

Bruce Levenson previously owned Atlanta Entertainment LLC and Basketball Hawks. Bruce Levenson was also an affiliate proprietor at Atlanta Hawks LLC, which owns, possess, and controls the Philips Arena, and the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. Read more on

The court case was filed on 13th September in the Superior Court of Fulton County against the insurance group, also referred to as AIG. The court case is a social act for awful conviction insurance, and contravene of company contract. The court case also affirmed that the reason for Atlanta Hawks organization to trigger the complaint was the fact that AIG had declined to recognize this important cooperate policy.

Court documents also discovered the reasonable amount of information on the information and maintained them classified. The court case states that the secret restrictions and legal responsibility of the company policy are adequate to pay attention to Atlanta Hawks organization’s complaints.

According to, the Atlanta Hawks Company maintains that a policy covered it for exposure to fatalities related to workforce applications like unlawful job termination and office torts. Court credentials by Ferry consider that Atlanta Hawks gave a notice to AIG on 2nd April 2015.

The court case also affirmed that AIG had unwavering snubbed to participate in a justification of the complaint by the Atlanta Hawks organization. AIG had also refused to claim and cover for the damages during Hawks and AIG counsel deliberations. The court case also claims the contract infringement for collapse, and failure to compensate for the enclosed losses in the complaint settlement.

The current Hawks ownership spokesperson has claimed that the company is aware of the complaint, and that the main AIG groups involved no longer have any attachments with Atlanta Hawks organization.