Jeff Herman is an extremely passionate lawyer within the law industry. His life mission has been to help and secure justice for those affected by sexual assault, rape, abuse, and sexual exploitation. The source of his inspiration came in the 1990s, when he learned of a client’s son who being abused by his school’s teacher. This conviction of ideals and passion has propelled his law firm forward to success. In a recent interview on the website Inspirery, Jeff Herman describes many aspects of his career and law firm.

The interview begins with Jeff Herman discussing the impact of his initial case. He worked to the best of his ability to gather as much information as possible. The result of the case was poor background checks on the school’s part. His power to hold an organization accountable and bring closure to those involved has been the guiding force behind Herman Law. The unique aspect of Jeff Herman’s law firm is he will only accept fees with he wins the case. His prior experience and team was sufficient enough to keep the company afloat during the early years.

At the start of his Herman Law venture, Jeff Herman did not have time for second guesses. The clients expect him to be the all knowing and confident person who can solve their cases. However, he describes a period where his psyche was been deteriorating from the bad people he had been seeing. At that point, Jeff Herman took steps to balance his life and is currently doing well. At the end of the day, client comfort is important to his business. He wants clients to be open and forthcoming about the incidents. The more details he has to work with, the more likely the case can be closed on a positive manner.

There are few lawyers as specialized and passionate in a particular field than Jeff Herman. His law firm, Herman Law, has developed a proven success record. The clients enjoy his service, and he enjoys bringing their cases to light. The world is a better thanks to Jeff Herman’s law services.

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