For those who like track and field, Oscar Pistorius was a stunning figure. Pistorius is a South African native who was born with deformed lower limbs. As he grew, his limbs were not able to support his weight. This led to the decision to amputate them to help him ambulate. While his family was delighted to watch him grow up and learn to use his prosthetic legs well, even they may not have expected that Pistorius would one day grow up and represent the nation of South Africa in a track and field event at the Olympics.

After his triumph at the Olympics, Pistorius was nearly instantly a hero to millions of people around the world. They saw him as a role model for the disabled and their ability to overcome obstacles in the world and function just as well as well as those who do not have such disabilities. Many looked up him and and admired his clear determination and dedication to the sport. They also admired his seeming grace under the face of pressure and his will to succeed in a world that did not look open to him at first glance.

This is one of many reasons why people were even more stunned when Pistorius returned to South Africa and was accused of murdering his girlfriend. observers such as Brenda Wardle were shocked when they realized that he was being charged formally by authorities with murdering someone he intended to marry. Wardle is one of the foremost commentators on trial. She is a native of this region with an extensive background in the field of law. Her background allowed to provide others with the kind of insights they needed to fully understand the kind of charges that Pistorius was facing and what this meant to him.

Wardle has an extensive grounding in the field of law and knows how to explain this to outside viewers. She has a master’s of law degree she earned with honors. Since the end of her legal training, she has been heavily involved in many aspects of law. She has published many articles in various legal journals as well as spoken out on various aspects of law to local area reporters and all those who wish to know more about the field of law. Her work has helped others understand this trial far better and the motivations all those involved in it.

Brenda Wardle Discusses the Pistorius Trial