City mayors and representatives continue to bring in new policies impacting the economy around them. Newark Mayor Ras Baraka has been harming the economy. Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Kevin Seawright was interviewed about his opinions regarding the Newark economy.

Newark Community EDC transitioned over to a new corporation that was originally known as Brick City Development Corp. Kevin Seawright has been looking at plans that will impact the entire city. The ultimate goal is to help small businesses thrive and push the economy to greater growth. This applies to not just downtown, but also uptown. Newark Community EDC has spent time working in the clothing and jewelry markets. The company offers small loans more than anything.

The company has changed its name to Newark CEDC because it is in the re-branding process. Newark CEDC plans on becoming more focused on the community. There is going to be an all new process for handling situations.

Kevin Seawright is the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. He has been employed with this company since September 2014. It can be quite hard to get a business of the ground and successful. Newark CEDC specializes in helping businesses get the loans that they need. The company has its own full time loan specialist. Her name is Lexi and she works with any business that needs help. Newark CEDC does not necessarily close the door on anyone.

It is important that the company and client are on the same page regarding financials, taxes, and credit reporting. Kevin Seawright and his crew watch for opportunities that clients have to open a new business. Newark CEDC is partnered with several companies to provide funding. All businesses are important and should be treated as such. If anyone reaches out with a good plan, they will be assisted.

Any business that wants to partner with Newark CEDC must reside in the Newark area. The company is not currently working with businesses in other areas. The biggest asset they have right now is such great staff. There are people dedicated to different aspects of growing out a business.