Rocketship Education is a public charter school system that it showing great promise in the education field. It locates primarily in lower income areas where there is no quality public school education available. It utilizes a partnership between teachers, students, parents and the commumity at large to forge a very successful educational outcome. For example the average Rocketship student graduates from high school a full year ahead of the average public high school student.

When everyone gets on board the excitement is catching because everyone sees the potential of the students actually having the opportunity to flourish. The model is quite different than the traditional public school routine of herding everyone into single classrooms for four or five hours a day. The sessions are innovative and fun, and the emphasize individual learning and involvement as opposed to simply learning information just to regurgitate on tests.

Students are also taught to have rock-ridged principles in regard to accountibility, empathy, and persistence. If a person learns to be accountable, everything else seems to fall into place. There are general classroom sessions, but the students then divide up into small group sessions where they can have their questions answered and the material can be covered in more depth.

When the entire community joins in to reach a common goal wonderful things happen. A strong educational system for the children goes a long way towards a long term solution for a lot of things. A students learn values, accountibility, respect, and empathy along with the mastery of their scholastics endeavors there is a dynamic result that affects everyone.

Every fall, the Rocketship Education teachers visit every home of every student with the goal of really getting to know the parents and even the extended families. The entire dynamic changes from parents and students in a “formal” setting in the classroom to the home of the student and things are much more friendly and real.

There is a real emphasis on parental participation, not only in keeping them informed, but on getting their imput regarding lesson planning and suggestions overall. When everyone buys into the fact that all children have tremendous potential, the results are far reaching with exciting results.