When it comes to oil and gas industry, Cotemar Mexico is at the center of it all. This is a company that was established in 1979 to offer services to the energy sector. It has grown tremendously since then and has introduced other services.


After its inception, the company offered its services in two main service channels; through accommodation and catering. They were also known for having the specialized equipment and vessels. They were the first company to acquire the specialized dive and personnel transport vessels. As the years went by, the company grew. In 1985, they acquired their first rig which was to provide food and accommodation services.

It later expanded its services in 1996. Today, the company offers its services through three channels;


– Construction, maintenance, modernization and engineering; through this channel, the company offers services that focus on modernizing offshore rigs and also processing centers. The team focuses on designing and construction of structures to support the oil industry.


– Specialized marine vessels; they provide transport services for personnel, nourishment, and the lightweight materials. They also do provide fire fighting and the towing vessels. There are different vessels that are used to transport the oil extracted and also the bulk materials. All their vessels are regularly maintained and monitored.


– Accommodation and catering; they offer offshore services including; nourishment, laundry, and bedding services. These accommodation vessels have different cabins that can house between 2 and 4 people. The company also has a hotel for the personnel. They follow strictly the health standards set so as to provide the high-quality service.


Working at Cotemar


The company still looks out for growing talent in the industry, and that is why they focus on offering different opportunities. To work at the company, you can either apply directly through the different vacancies posted or join the training program. There are different programs that you can choose from to be able to enhance your skills. They have internships and fellowship programs for the university students that you can take advantage of. Even though the internship may not guarantee you a job, it puts you in a better position for a job consideration.

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