Even though Aging is a must, Dr. Dov Rand believes that it can be controlled with doctors help to enable a patient to attain his full potential. He deals with physical Medicines and Rehabilitation also known as physiatry. He is a known specialist in this area. In his practice, the doctor is committed to ensuring that his patients live to the fullest in every phase of their lives. He has Healthy Aging Medical Centers where all this happens which has been the operation for fifteen years. He is the CEO of the centers. He has a reading culture that enables him to maintain an up to date information. This goes a long way to ensure his method of treatment uses the latest of thinking (Yourbeautycraze).

Background and career

The specialist was born in Washington DC. For his undergraduate degree, he went to Rutgers University. After which he attended the Howard University for Medical school. He interned at the Saint Barnabas Medical Centre. Dr. Dov Rand attended Albert Einstein Medical Center for his Medical Residency. After school, he kept the habit of reading articles and literature and scientific studies.

Dr. Dov Rand has a passion and an interest in Medicine throughout his life. Through his athletic pursuits, he learned the value of passion and determination for goal attainment. He came up with the idea of Healthy Aging Medical Centers from deep interest with nutrition and health. He realized various methods of treatment being ignored by the doctors for their own reasons.


It deals with the quality and functional ability of life. Patients with injuries and disability of any kind, and those having declining health because of age and hormonal changes can visit these specialists. They treat patients recovering even in the nervous system.

In physiatry, there is collaboration among nurses, therapists, psychologist, and social care workers to care for various medical areas concerned with recovery. In hormonal conditions, Dr. Dov Rand uses bio-identical hormone therapy to treat men experiencing levels of testosterone decline when they are aging. In his practice, Dr. Dov Rand replaces testosterone to achieve the highest quality of life. In excesses or when the hormones levels are low, negative signs are seen. According to Dr. Dov Rand, there are various benefits of testosterone replacement therapy.

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Born on the first day of April of 1973, Isabel dos Santos is the first daughter of the former president of the Republic of Angola. She is well renowned as a successful businesswoman, who is experienced in her field. As a billionaire, Santos has the power to influence women in Angola and also across the world. She studied electrical engineering at King’s College in the United Kingdom, London. Isabel dos Santos has used her spotlight in the international stage to start and lead companies across a wide range of fields and industries in the world.

Isabel dos Santos, when given an opportunity to talk to leaders, bring attention to the importance of community leaders in the improvement of their communities. Her organizations will often identify individuals that have more than exceeded expectations in their careers and gives them greater audiences to spread their ideas and messages. Giving them these opportunities helps them increase their outreach and in turn grow their careers and increase their access opportunities. In recent news, Isabel dos Santos helped a telecommunications entrepreneur to move from selling phones in the streets to being in charge of a company that has over twenty branches and even more kiosks in operations.

Isabel Dos Santos has used her status to urge world leaders to support the economic empowerment of women in Africa. She stated that the economic empowerment of African women was the first step to transforming the African society. Her support of the African woman has encouraged the African woman to stand up and be counted in matters that are concerned with the welfare of the African continent. Isabel Dos Santos has a firm belief that Africa has the most promising businessmen and women as compared to other continents.

She also supports the entrepreneurial spirit that African entrepreneurs have and the potential that the African continent has to move to the first world from third world countries. Isabel dos Santos subscribes to a saying that states that first the seed is planted and then the future is changed, a statement that inspires many to pursue their goals with the future of the community in mind.

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They have only been in the entertainment industry for less than four years yet they have attracted a huge number of fans. Chainsmokers came into the industry in 2015 when they caught the attention of the world with their song Roses. After their breakthrough song, they could be stopped by anyone. Chainsmokers is comprised of two producers Drew Taggart and Alex Pall. The two pop stars have gone ahead to produce other hits which have also done well among them; Don’t Let Me Down, Something Just Like This, as well as Paris.

It has not been easy for the two producers and pop stars to maintain their success in the industry, a success that has come within a short period of time. Drew and Alex success in the entertainment industry have put them under pressure to write and produce songs which will do well than their previous songs. However, the pop starts have taken a different turn they are now venturing into the darker world.

Pall and Taggart have not their fans behind however they have gone with them in the world while most of their supporters are already in the darker territory. The two are referred to as electronic super-stars and recently they released their new single known as “sick boy”. The song is the first phase in their new world.

The electronic artists were recently invited to perform at the Hilton and American Express Special Card event, and before going to the stage an interview was conducted and they were asked about their new single sick boy. According to the two producers, they have already grown in the industry as well as individuals, and as for now they know what they want and what their fans want.

For them, the new song is the beginning of their life in the entertainment sector. Chainsmokers is an American DJ as well as production. The music group consisting of two producers include Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Alex Pall was born and raised in Westchester County, New York, while Andrew Taggart was born and raised in Freeport, Maine to after who sold prosthetics while his mother was a teacher. The two have found success in their electronic music.


The ChainSmokers is a band based in the United States and they are known for releasing singles which include; Don’t let me down, and Roses. Recently the group released one of their latest tracks Closer. In the track, they have featured Halsey. Most of their songs are a hit on the radio. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have been singing together. It is quite obvious that artists do songs on their own, but these two artists are different, in all their songs they include a DJ contemporary who relies on the final touches on their occupation electronic sound-scape. The band is attempting to personalize their brand of music and their attempt goes together with their aspiration to become recognized as a true artist.

Alex and Taggart are not like another artist who includes deadmau5 who likes to be behind thick synths, instead, they are working hard reveal themselves. Recently the artists were interviewed and asked about their lives and their plans on how they will develop as their fans increases. Alex Pall said growing up as a Dj was all he wanted to do. He began his work as a Dj working in New York City, although the work did not generate a lot of income, he did it as a passion. He later realized his passion as a dancer after attending an art gallery. Pall’s manager would later introduce him to Drew and he immediately began working with them before quitting his job.

Before Andrew Taggart meeting with Pall, he was in college and he has a deep love for Djing. Andrew says that he also loved electronic music a passion that he developed way before most people. While still I college his classmates and his schoolmates made fun of him for his love for dance music and v-necks. After school, he began making music and got involved in the production of music. Mr. Andy knew how Dj’s are earning and he got involved, he was lucky to play on different shows and he eventually was getting several bookings. After being asked how they knew they can work together, they Pall said that they were both ambitious and they knew what they wanted in the industry, and so they brought their ideas to the table. Andrew and Alex are committed to bringing experience in the industry.


Clayton Hutson is a live sound engineer and manager who currently owns his own business. Hutson and his company provide musicians with the talent and equipment necessary for live shows and tours. Hutson’s work has primarily been in the genre of rock music and he has worked with musical legends such as Guns N’ Roses.


In 2005, during a tour with the band Garbage, Hutson traveled all over Europe, North America, and Australia. During this tour he participated as a monitor engineer. The company also provides production design, show producers, stage management, and logistics management.


In a recent interview, Clayton Hutson talked about how he started his business, what his workday looks like, career regrets, and more.


Hutson considers his previous experience to be responsible for the success of his current company. He began his new firm after the recession had a major impact on his previous employer. He decided it was time to venture off on his own. It was a risky move, but his talent and experience gave him the confidence required to create his own company.


When asked how he attracts new clients, Hutson said he pays attention to details and shows no hesitation in working long hours. His methods have led to a positive reputation among performers and musicians. This created a scenario where word of mouth became a primary advertising method for Hutson.


Exciting new technology has brought about swift changes,” Hutson said when questioned about current music industry tends. He says that in order to satisfy clients, he must always be keeping up with new technological developments. These technologies include different types of lighting and different types of systems to move those lights around. Hutson also made mention of some of the more ambitious talents in the music industry such as Lady Gaga. The trend of incorporating complex acrobatics into a concert excites Clayton Hutson.


When asked about his normal workday, Hutson reminded the interviewer that he was recently hired by Kid Rock as a stage manager. Hutson begins his days at 7 in the morning and is usually the first person to work. When Hutson arrives at the Venue he begins by getting familiar with his surroundings. Hutson works in different buildings all the time and its essential that he learns what he is working with.


As the interview grew closer to an end, Hutson began to explain how his ideologies differ from his peers. He says the biggest difference between his thoughts and the ideas of his peers is the fact that he believes skill is more important than attitude. “It’s often impossible to fully train a likable but untalented worker,” he said. Learn more: https://reporterexpert.com/kid-rock-tour-big-success-thanks-clay-hutson/