The Senate confirmed Mrs. DeVos as the newest manager of the Education Department for the United States of America. Throughout Mrs. DeVos’ verification procedure in the Senate, the liberal members of the Senate voted against her, and their votes were combined with the votes cast by a pair of conservative senators. The pair of conservative senators that broke the party’s ranks to vote against the confirmation of Mrs. DeVos included Mrs. Murkowski, an Alaskan senator, as well as Mrs. Collins, one of Maine’s senatorial individuals.


The conservative billionaire Mrs. DeVos happens to be one of the most prominent cabinet members for President Trump’s administration. Her appointment has garnered a great deal of heated discussion from her liberal opponents. Her unusual conservative positions have caused her to be singled out as one of the most controversial cabinet chieftains to be appointed by the United States of America’s latest leader: President Trump.


In agreement with the data provided by non-profit institutions that track the political funding the DeVos husband and wife team has contributed an overall total of forty-seven and a half million dollars to the conservative party for the period covering the time from the year 2000 to the year 2015. In addition to that, in Michigan, wherein her significant other was a job seeker for the position of governor in 2006, the focused twosome appears to have been working for a cause for ten years. This cause is the continuous development of charter academies.


These charter academies are typically non-public educational facilities which are partially backed by funds provided by the federal government. In addition to that, when Mrs. DeVos was questioned with regards to the concept of individuals bearing weaponry on campus, she talked about the idea of an academic organization that required an armory to protect pupils from bears. Her reply was repeatedly singled out by her liberal opponents as a controversial opinion.


She has stated that her quest is to assist the United States of America to embrace modern strategies and upgrade its educational facilities over the following couple of years. The verification of Mrs. DeVos in her role as the brand new head of the Education Department was opposed by academic unions who labored against her appointment. Throughout a remarkable interview, the applicant refused to agree that it was necessary for her to promise never to decrease her scholarly spending budget.


Her family’s wealth happens to be the 88th most extensive wealth across the nation, following data released by the Forbes publication. Even though she was approved in her role as the latest head of the Education Department, her approval was a hard-won victory that only occurred after an exceptionally close vote in the Senate.


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George Soros is a renowned philanthropist and a successful investor too. Soros has built a good reputation due to his positive impact on society across the globe. Motivated by the urge to assist the people, George Soros formed the Open Society Foundations and Soros Fund Management. George Soros is the president of both organizations. Soros dream is to make his life and that of others around him better knowing that his childhood was quite difficult. Soros was born in Budapest in 1930. It was during the World War II though luckily George’s family managed to flee away from the Nazi occupation. They moved to Communist-dominated Hungary in 1947. Later on, they settled in London where Soros pursued his studies. Soros graduated from the London School of Economics before moving and settling in the U.S. In the U.S. George Soros managed to secure a large fortune through his international investment fund.

George Soros has been a participating philanthropist since 1979 when he was associated with supporting the black students who attended Cape Town University during apartheid. Currently, George’s Foundation is assisting millions of people across the globe. Today, the foundation operates in more than 100 countries. In 2011, George’s international organization recorded an annual expenditure of $835 million all meant to promote the values of open society, human rights as well as transparency. Besides, managing his Foundations, Soros is also a renowned author. George Soros has written a dozen of books including the famous ‘Tragedy of the European Union’ which he published in 2014. Also, he writes articles and essays featuring his topics of interest such as politics, society as well as economics which are often published in major newspapers and magazines around the world.

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Besides being involved in politics in the form of writing articles, Soros is known to finance most successful politicians in the U.S. Often, the billionaire financier has been associated with Democratic causes and candidates. He is believed to be the donor behind Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2008. Recently, George Soros contributed much to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. In August, Soros donated $2.5 million to a pro-Hillary Clinton PAC and $23.4 for the whole group.

In the concluded U.S elections, Priorities USA action failed in coordinating with Hillary’s campaign although it is believed to spend heavily in support of the Democratic presidential nominee. Recently, a report filed with the Federal Election Commission showed that Priorities USA action started September with only $41.5 million. Sometimes last year, Soros is believed to have donated $7 million to Priorities USA Action. Besides, the renowned billionaire donor gave Clinton’s campaign committee the maximum $2700.

In their campaign strategy, Priorities the USA spent heavily on ads supporting their presidential candidate and defaming their primary competitor. In their budget, Priorities USA Action aimed at spending $77 million on TV ads only during the campaign period. However, Trump still managed to beat Clinton in the concluded “landslide” popular vote. Even after the results, Soros is still confident that Clinton is the next president of the U.S. Soros strongly insists that Clinton will win the Electoral College. The billionaire donor believes that Clinton is the “most qualified” candidate to serve as the next American president.

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DeVos’ name will always appear in a roundtable discussion about popular reformers and philanthropists the nation has ever had. He started his journey in politics at Calvin College. Since then, he has always been active in politics leading variety of campaigns and party organizations. His work in education reforms cannot be ignored. Many people are applauding his bold move and tenacity to ensure children get quality education that can shape them to be better individuals in the future. DeVos remains optimistic that the government will live up to its role to provide quality education to all children regardless of their social and economic alignments. DeVos is unperturbed by the recent branding of his movement as “Radical.” He continues to fight bravely to ensure every child gets quality education.


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Dick DeVos is a businessman and Philanthropist who hails from Michigan. He runs The Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation with his wife Betsy DeVos. The couple, who have been married for 30 years now believe that the foundation will serve as a catalyst for partnerships that position themselves to improve both local and global communities socially and economically. Dick’s principles are hard work, humility and compassion. He always strives to make a difference in people’s lives and his own life. Through the foundation, Dick and his wife have donated thousands of dollars to religious, educational, juvenile and civic groups since 1990.


The couple’s strong love for better education inspired them to start West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010. The Academy became the first charter school in the United States formed to offer affordable lessons to young people who are aspiring to be aviators in the country. In 2010, DeVos donated $22.5 million to Kennedy’s Institute of Arts. His foundation has also donated thousands of dollars to organizations advocating for free market economy. He also offers scholarship programs for MS and MBA students.


Besides philanthropy, Dick DeVos is an author of several books including “Rediscovering American Values” that gained inspiration from Gerald R Ford’s foreword. His book is available on Amazon at affordable prices and was at one point New York Time’s best-selling book. DeVos is an active participant in Republican politics. He is also a national champion sailor and skilled jet and helicopter pilot. Dick and Betsy have been married for over 35 years now. They have seven children and six grandchildren. His passion and love for Michigan continue to attract admiration from many people.


George Soros is the founder and Chair of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundation. He survived the great Nazi occupation during the World War II and fled for refugee in England. George attended the school of economics in London and graduated. He later moved and settled in the United States and ever since he has built up massive wealth from international investment funds and his foundations.

George Soros is an active philanthropist and a great contributor to the community. His foundations the Open Society has been providing funds for black students attend the Cape Town University in South Africa. Open Society Foundation is now operating in more than 100 countries working tirelessly to promote the values of open society, human rights and transparency.

George has been one of the history’s most successful financiers for his famous 1992 predictions and gains over the British currency devaluation. The Soros’ Quantum Fund made enormous profits from what was thought to be a devaluation. The risk-taking organization borrowed billions to place the bet that pound would devalue against other currencies.

Soros and his partners reaped almost over 20% of the $7 billion made from that prediction since it was hedge funds. George has been on the edge in giving predictions over the global markets. He warns the investors that the world market is in crisis, and they should be cautious in any investment plan. George Soros had overseen the market crisis that hit the global back in 2008 and predicts there would a more serious crisis soon.

Soros takes a case study on China economy which is struggling to develop new growth models. The China currency devaluation problem on is transferring to the rest of the World markets. This crisis resulted in the global currency, stock, and commodity markets to be under siege at the beginning of the year. The strength of China’s economy is a concern as there is a shift from investments and manufacturing toward consumption and services.

George Soros believes that China has a significant adjustment problem which will amount into a crisis in the long run. He is an author of more than a dozen books, articles, and essays on issues of politics, society and economics which have been featured in the newspapers and magazines around the globe. His views on investments, markets predictions, and economic issues are highly sought and followed by many investors around the World. Learn more about his profile at

To gather more about George Soros and his global markets predictions. ValueWalk reminds its readers of the historic day Soros earned $1 billion in a bet on the devaluation of the Sterling Pound by the Bank of Britain. This day of 17th September 1992 has come to be known as Black Wednesday.

The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland is a leading philanthropic study center that provides courses and programs that accumulate $10.000 in gifts each semester. PR Newswire recently reported that thousands of students will partake in the fourth year of the center’s Do Good Challenge. The Do Good Challenge sparks a campus-wide competition, prompting students to make the largest social impacts possible for whatever charity they choose to select. $20,000 is given to the winners and their causes. Bruce Levenson stated on time that the program gives students the chance to gain the skills they will utilize as the next generation of leaders among the non-profit sector. Bruce Levenson launched the center in 2012. He is a board member and philanthropist, as well as a longtime contributor to the Washington DC community. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum receives donations from Levenson that lead fundraising for the Jewish Federation.