Securus Technologies, a leading correctional facility support provider, has recently acquired GovPayNet, a leading governmental payment processor. To make its services more affordable and accessible, Securus has made several acquisitions over the years. Securus has over 30 years in business, and GovPayNet has over 20 years of experience. GovPayNet is used for payment processing for things like criminal background checks, court costs, traffic citation payments, and many other items collected by government agencies.


Securus Technologies is well known in the industry. The company serves thousands of agencies and has served well over 1.2 inmates, plus their loved ones. Keeping facilities safe and keeping inmates connected with their friends and family is what they’re known for. In recent years, Securus Technologies has been able to reduce the costs of calling and other communications. This is a great accomplishment, as it’s been a concern for many years that the costs were becoming prohibitive. Implementing alternative services to communicate, such as video visitation, email, and voicemail has also reduced the cost, allowing people to connect more often. The addition of the recent acquisitions has been made in part to advance technology at a much faster pace, as well as, streamlining the process for all parties involved to create a one-stop shopping experience, further decreasing costs.


Another recent addition to the Securus family is JPay. This company is also involved in financial transactions, more specifically, money and wire transfers. Monitoring services have also increased in recent years, making the facilities much safer. These services have also been used to help in the investigation of criminal cases, and to monitor employee relations inside the facilities. Wireless containment systems are also being introduced into facilities, to reduce the use of contraband cell phones. These devices prevent calls and text messages from being sent. With the increase of technological presence, all those involved in the process will enjoy a better quality of life now and as new technology is developed.


One might think that the inmates in a prison are safer than they would be on the violent streets of some neighborhoods. The truth is that some of these inmates are actually in danger in the jails because many times other inmates will strike when they know the police are unable to help. If a planned attack goes down, inmates could be in serious danger, and many are innocent and don’t even realize the hit is coming.


When you involve gangs into the equation, now you really have a problem because they work like a pack of dogs. maybe an inmate with no gang affiliation just wants to be left alone and do their time, but the gang strikes out and the inmate has to defend themselves. To help protect these inmates, we have to work hard to keep the gangs from getting weapons and from getting the orders to each other to commit these crimes.


Securus Technologies placed the inmate call monitoring system we use to keep tabs on the gang members inside our prison. This monitoring sytem is extremely helpful at being able to pick up on conversations that could lead to violence, allowing me and my team to spring into action and try to protect anyone in the jail that has been made a target. Once I understood how the LBS software worked, I used it to pay closer attention to certain high-ranking gang leaders.


One day we heard a top-ranking gang leader talking to his brother on the outside, trying to describe to him how weapons are snuck in the jail. That same minute, another gang member was talking about which inmate needed to be spoken too about not wanting to work with the gang. We were able to put the two together and keep an inmate from getting seriously hurt.


When you work in a prison that has a high population of gangs, it can be a daily struggle to keep crime levels down. Even when we separate the different gangs to separate areas of the jail, when the order comes down to attack, these gangs will stop at nothing to follow the orders of the gang leaders. The efforts we used to curb violence in the past just were not seeing the results any longer.


To stop the violence, we tried to eliminate weapons coming into the jails by stepping up our searches of visitors. These visitors would be subjected to body searches and x-ray scans in order to see inmates. We would do surprise inspections of the inmate’s cells to see if we could recover things they could use to hurt one another. The trouble we have is these inmates have become very good at making and concealing weapons right in plain sight.


We were about to get a huge break in our efforts to stop the violence between gangs. Securus Technologies installed a new inmate call system in our jail that was going to really put a huge wrench in the works for inmates looking to hurt others. Our staff was trained to use the LBS software, and we used this training each day to monitor calls between high-ranking gang members who would use the phones the same time each day. These calls used to be impossible to decipher, but today, we are able to identify chatter about which inmates are ordered to hurt others, where the weapons are stashed, and exactly when the assault is to take place.


With the help of the Securus Technologies call system, we have completely caught these gangs by surprise and simple remove the players before they can do harm to others.