The real estate market in Ohio has grown significantly. The values of homes and condos in Central Ohio, for instance, have risen by a significant 8.1 percent within a period of one year. The highs are not expected to go down anytime soon. Besides the home values rise, a recent announcement was made by the national home builders stating its intention to build 240 homes in New Albany, Ohio in 2018. With these developments, the rise in the values of homes will continue for years to come.

Ohio has become an attractive area to reside in given that the areas’ cost of living has remained relatively low compared to the other parts of the country. For the past few years, the technology sector in Ohio has been on the rise. The public school system of Ohio has been recognized to be one of the best in the country, a fact that has made many people forego sending their children to private schools. The advantages of staying in Ohio are not expected to change.

For more than 20 years now, Tammy Mazzocco has been a real estate agent in Ohio. Many homebuyers have found their dream home through her assistance. Being in the real estate industry all her professional time has given her extensive knowledge regarding the markets and history. Tammy Mazzocco specializes in serving the New Albany area. She has however helped clients from all over the state of Ohio. She attributes her achievements to staying focused and being goal oriented.

Unlike all other real estate agents, Tammy Mazzocco views her clients as family. She gladly walks her clients through the process of finalizing a home sale. She has a track record that speaks volumes about her ability to make her clients stick with her. Tammy Mazzocco ensured that her clients get the best experience they can when either selling or buying homes in Ohio.

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New York’s leading luxury real estate firm, TOWN Residential, released the firm’s quarterly residential market report on NYC apartments for sale, which reveals escalation of prices. Manhattan average sales prices gained 5.2%, recording $1,976,660 while median sales registered a sales price growth of 16%, recording $1,150,000, year-over-year.

Coming in 6.2% higher than 2014, the price per square foot by median trends came in at $1,365, which indicated 8.4% increase on an average. Posting almost 20%, the median sales price of Manhattan condominiums were the highest year-over-year gains recording $1,736,250 while median price per square foot went up by 11% as from 2014.

Manhattan co-ops posted $1,217,017 averagely; 4.6% increase from the third quarter and 6.4% year-over-year. The average prices per square foot in this section were $1,087, a 6.3% increase from a year ago.

Reviewing properties by size, there was a steady increase of prices in all segments. Median prices of a one, two, and three-plus bedroom condominiums were $1,080,000, $2,056,865 and $4,421,300 respectively. A three-plus co-op surpassed the last quarter price of $3,000,000 by 15%.

The founder and CEO of TOWN Residential, Andrew Heiberger, posited that there has been an increasing gap between new development sales and trends within the resale marketplace of Manhattan. Andrew Heiberger sheds light on existing resale market by pointing out a forthcoming stability. This, he said, will be brought about by the sellers’ adjustments to their price expectations from the highest levels hit earlier in 2015.

Wendy Maitland said they are still seeing some transactions at record prices, which are accountable for year-over-year gains in average prices per square foot. On 30th, December, there were 7,963 units priced at $2-5 million, 601 units selling at between $5-10 million and 493 luxury units costing over $10 million. The president in charge of sales at TOWN Residential, Wendy Maitland, concluded that this inventory is a sign of a more balanced 2016 market, which will offer buyers great opportunities.

Itzy Garay, executive vice president of sales and leasing at TOWN Residential, said the cost-conscious approach of buyers is responsible for the solid increase in median days. He added that the informed buyers are ready and able but no longer willing to buy at any price.

The analysis is an intensive study of residential sale transactions in all categories from October to December, 2015. The compared data is sourced from the rolling sales data of Manhattan market and the live ACRIS feed from the New York City Department of Finance. This information was originally reported on Virtual Strategy Marketing.

Yes, the US economy took a nosedive in a major way back in 2008, as the real estate bubble burst and major companies like Lehman Brothers disintegrated. The Great Recession that followed was profound, yet somehow the US economy and the real estate sector managed to recover, and then some. In 2015 New York luxury real estate came roaring back after several years of positive growth, with sales heading into the stratosphere for some major properties.

Major Sales in the Luxury Market

One of the biggest sales in New York City Luxury real estate in 2015 was the $100.47 million deal that was brokered for the penthouse of the luxurious One57 midtown skyscraper in Manhattan. Other pending sales are equally eye-popping, as the condominium at 147 E. 57th Street is expecting to see sales in 2016 in the nine digit range. These high-end properties are becoming a major lure for billionaires worldwide who are looking for a solid investment that will keep their cash safe. Experts in this luxurious market expect more sales to come at even higher levels in 2016, with no end in sight.

What all this means is that people looking for luxury properties in Manhattan and the ever more high end Brooklyn should seek guidance from real estate brokers who know this market cold. The TOWN real estate firm is known for its expertise in the highly competitive New York market, and they bring in solid results for clients.

TOWN was launched in 2010 and in the last five years this firm has become a major name in New York real estate. TOWN’s expertise and best-in-class customer service has made them the go to firm for Manhattan’s hottest real estate properties.

When it’s time to find the right luxury real estate in New York, it’s time to talk to TOWN.