There are many people who look up to the life and career of Rick Smith. From the time he was young, he has constantly focused on helping people in business. He is now the CEO of Securus Technologies. This is a company that has many innovative products and services in the communications industry.In the coming years, Rick Smith wants to grow Securus Technologies to become a leader within the industry. He has a unique approach for running a major company. Unlike a lot of business leaders today, he focuses on making his employees as happy as possible. He has invested in many areas over the past few years to make this growth possible.

Rick Smith

Rick Smith has had a varied career with a lot of experience. He did not start out in business or in the communications industry. He actually has a background in music. This is the type of experience that he brings to the table as CEO.Over time, he decided to enter the business world. With all of the experience that he brought to the table, he quickly moved up at various companies. When he was offered the CEO position at Securus Technologies, it was a dream come true. Although it was hard to get the company turned around, he has done a great job as CEO.

Worker Pay

Many people are surprised to learn how much Rick Smith pays his workers. He wants to make sure that workers are happy and productive. He pays a little higher than the market average, and this allows him to attract the best talent in the industry. He believes that his is a competitive advantage for the company.Not only that, but he also helps employees who want to further their education. Rick Smith is the type of person who is always willing to help employees who are willing to work hard.In the years ahead, Rick Smith wants to grow Securus Technologies more than ever before. This is a great company with a lot to offer customers. The new communications technology is a great way to change the world.

Securus Technologies is the largest inmate communication firm in the United States. The company is situated in Dallas, Texas but has additional offices in Allen, Georgia, Atlanta and Carrollton. The company’s over 1,000 employees are reported to serve approximately 2,600 correctional facilities in the United States.

In one of their press release, Securus accused Global Tel Link of integrity breaches by overcharging Louisiana taxpayers an excess of $1,243,000. According to Securus, an investigator of Public Service Commission found out that GTL was artificially inflating call charges by adding various amounts of money to its calls after the calls were rated. GTL did this by programming their telephone to rate inmate calls on the basis of higher rates than the default rates tolerable under the Public Service Commission rate caps. According to Securus, such as a practice is totally unlawful and unauthorized.

GTL has also formatted their clocks at the correctional facilities to add roughly between 15 to 36 seconds to the duration of every inmate calls, increasing the overall calling charges of friends and families of inmate callers. This is offensive to the industry considering that every carrier is mandated to serve the customers with their interest at heart.

These reports came shortly after PR Newswire reported that Securus Technologies had secured the final acceptance by all the department of correction (DOC) facilities for managed access systems (MAS). The MAS is a representation that their technology is virtually 100% foolproof. The MAS will allow them to deploy and use technology created by Vanu Tactical Inc., to address illegal cell phone problems in United States today. With the new MAS, Securus intend to make the jails and prisons in the United States, secure, productive and safe environments for law enforcement, inmates as well as for corrections.

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