AXA is a French insurance company that has been operational for the last 200 years. Claude Bebear is the founder of AXA. The principal offices of the firm are in Paris, France.

AXA’s history and philanthropic activities

The company was founded under a French name Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie but later changed its name to AXA for easier pronunciation. The company has grown to a conglomerate of independent businesses. AXA pioneers in the provision of life & health insurance covers, investment management, property, and casualty insurance. It has acquired various companies such as the Drouot Group, UAP, the Guardian Royal Exchange, and the Swiss Insurance Company.

AXA has offices in the United Kingdom, Africa, and Asia. It is involved in various philanthropic activities. One of the main causes it supports is research. In 2008, the company established a trust known as AXA Research Fund and endowed it with €100 million. Since then, it has funded over 256 projects whose primary objective is to prevent life-threatening conditions.

Vincent Parascandola’s educational background and career

Vincent Parascandola is the chief vice president of AXA U.S. Parascandola has a degree in computer science from Pace University, New York. His skills revolve around asset management, retirement planning, financial services, and estate planning. Parascandola began working at AXA in 2004. His first role in the company was to serve as the president of the Advantage Group. Parascandola rose above ranks and now serves as the VP of the company.

Throughout his tenure at AXA, Parascandola has been in charge of management development, sales, retention, recruiting, and productivity. Before joining AXA, Parascandola worked at Prudential, LLC. Towards the end of the year, his efforts were recognized, and he scooped the National Rookie of the year award. In 1990, he joined MONY Life Insurance Company and worked as an insurance agent.

Parascandola serves as the president of Florida Chapter. He is a motivational speaker, and he has spoken on various platforms such as conferences and college graduation ceremonies. His innovative and leadership skills have earned him respect and awards in the business community. Parascandola is the recipient of Master Agency and the prestigious GAMA’s Career Development Awards.