Queens of Drama is a popular scripted reality television show that premiered (and continues to air) on the POP television network. The series stars a medley of talented soap opera and drama actresses who utilize their skills to craft the story of fabulous women coming together to create a production company targeted towards making, rather intentionally ironically, soap operas. The main draw for the show is not it’s plot, however, but it’s talented stars, including established icons of the dramatic, daytime medium as well as bright new up and comers.

The most well established and critically acclaimed of all of these actresses is easily Donna Mills who acts as the ladies self appointed leader. Mills’ career spans decades and first began with her induction into the, now cult classic, television series, The Secret Storm. From there, using the show as a springboard, she was able to work with a vast array of now famous directors such as Woody Allen in Don’t Drink the Water and Clint Eastwood in Play Misty For Me. However, her most famous role was as the Machiavellian mistress, Abby Cunningham in the popular soap, Knots Landing.

Next after the queen bee, Mills, there is Hunter Tylo who acts as the primary antagonist for the show and Donna Mills close friend. Hunter Tylo has had a very tumultuous career in soap but has achieved a great deal of success nonetheless. Tylo first got her start on the, now cult classic film, The Initiative, though she is known primarily for her portrayal of Doctor Taylor Hayes on the popular soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful.

One of the most multi talented members of the cast is the young Crystal Hunt who has worked as a model, a producer, actress and pet seller. Hunt is primarily known for her role as Lizzie Spaulding in the popular day time soap opera, Guiding Light, a performance for which Hunt received a day time Emmy. She has also appeared in numerous large budget films such as Magic Mike XXL, The Derby Stallion, Sydney White as well as 23 Blast. Crystal Hunt is also extremely well known for her Facebook following.

Otherwise she’s been hard at work producing her first film, and making sure that her career isn’t limited to just being in front of the camera.  Crystal can be found on Instagram, but she also has a great acting reel on YouTube showcasing the best moments from some of her performances throughout her career.

Last up is Chrystee Pharris who is primarily known for her performance as the sexually conflicted and oft tried Simone Russell of NBC’s lauded soap opera, Passions. Pharris is one of the only actress on the show whose main body of work is in sitcoms, such as Sister, Sister, Moesha and the Steve Harvey Show, which lends her a comedic edge and brings some great levity to the show.