Dr. Tim Ioannides is a Florida-based dermatologist. 15 years ago he founded Treasure Coast Dermatology in Port St. Lucie. He now has multiple locations through which he provides medical dermatological services. He is a graduate of the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine.

Not long after graduating he became a voluntary associate professor at his alma mater. For the past 20 years, he has taught students who are studying to become dermatologists. His first job in the medical field was at a physician’s office that focused on cosmetic dermatology. He discovered that he was passionate about the medical side of dermatology rather than the cosmetic side.

Over the past two decades, Dr. Tim Ioannides has helped patients with a variety of skin issues. That has included skin cancers, tumors, and skin disorders like psoriasis, acne, rosacea, and eczema. He works to promote overall skin health. He says that if issues are caught early they are much more treatable so he takes a proactive approach with his patients.

When he first started Treasure Coast Dermatology, Dr. Tim Ioannides performed cosmetic procedures in addition to medically-based procedures. He said that he needed to do so in order to pay the bills. His eventual goal was to not do any cosmetic procedures. He wanted medical dermatology to be the heart and soul of his company.

He was eventually able to solely rely on medical practice and hasn’t done cosmetic dermatology in a number of years. He likes specializing in medical procedures because it benefits the lives of his patients. Most of his workday is taken up seeing patients, performing research, and talking with his staff members about what his patients need. He sees every patient himself. He has the same staff at each of his locations so that operations are efficient and benefit his patients.

About Tim Ioannides: www.behance.net/timioannides

As the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology, Tim Ioannides knows that cosmetic surgery is about much more than just looking better on the outside. A good procedure can take years off someone’s appearance while making them feel better about themselves from the inside as well. At the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine, Tim Ioannides studied dermatology and earned his medical degree. As a dermatologist, he has had extensive training and his highly qualified in his practice. He has a passion for medicine and is determined to help patients feel better about themselves on several levels. While he uses the most cutting-edge technology, he still holds the old fashioned belief that patients and their doctors should have a close professional relationship.

While he was at the University of Miami School of Medicine completing his residency, Tim Ioannides realized just how important medical dermatology was in the world of medicine. he began working for a plastic surgeon and saw that most doctors only approached the c cosmetic side of appearance problems as opposed to addressing the medical issues behind it. When he first opened Treasure Coast Technology, he had hoped that one day they would only be providing services on the medical side of the spectrum.

Tim Ioannides is always working to help his practice grow while not sacrificing the quality that his patients deserve and have come to expect. Their staff is continuously receiving more education about different topics to ensure that they are able to provide the best care for their patients. Unlike a lot of practices, he takes the time to see each patient during their visit instead of delegating it all to somebody else. This helps him build the relationships that he knows will help them get the results that they are looking for when it comes to their appearance.

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