One of the sectors that have been full of challenges is the correctional facilities around the country. The main issues have always been connected to the lack of proper technology that can track, report and monitor the activities surrounding the inmates. Until five years ago, it was close to impossible to control the communication going on between the prisoners and their families, and the result was illegal items getting into the facilities, crimes being committed on the inside and even worse end results. This chaos is the situation that Securus Technologies walked into, and with time, they have managed to turn the situation around. It, therefore, does not come as a shock that they received the Gold Stevie Award for Sales and Customer service at the 11th edition of the awards.


The awards are held annually to celebrate executives and businesses that have been outstanding in their respective sectors. This year’s awards, which took place at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, involved more than 2,000 nominees. The number was a 10 percent increase from the candidates of the previous year. There were 53 different award categories and 600 representatives of the different companies taking place in the awards.

While receiving the award on behalf of the business, the senior vice president in charge of operations at Securus, Danny De Hoyos stated that the corporation had always placed the happiness and satisfaction of the customers over and above everything else at the company. He added that this was the one principle that was helping them attain the success level they were enjoying.


One of the judges at the event also spoke about the awards and said that the business growth and customer care quality that had been demonstrated by Securus was commendable. He added that their willingness to adapt to an ever-changing climate was one quality that would take them very far.