Flooding can cause all kinds of problems. A prolonged period of rain can cause problems that may include destroyed homes, contaminated water and other problems that may include the possibility of exposure to diseases of all kinds. In the last few weeks, many people in Brazil have been exposed to such problems as a result of heavy flooding. Weeks of rains have caused serious problems in the Rio de Janeiro suburb of Xerem have caused a great deal of hardship for many people living here.

Those in Xerem have seen such flooding lead to problems such as water that is not drinkable and homes where they can’t live because the water levels are far too high. Officials in the region have rushed to make sure that those living here are able to have access to shelters that can provide them with basic necessities such as clean water and a comfortable place to sleep that isn’t waterlogged. State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes toured the region in recent days in an effort to help learn what local area residents need. In a report by Extra, Cortes’s efforts to help assist regional officials here are detailed by reporters who had access to his efforts.

Cortes is a highly skilled doctor with an extensive background in medicine. Sergio Cortes speaks on Linked In about the need to make sure that those living here have the kind of help they need. In his opinion, it is best to help area residents by bringing them supplies such as bottled water that allows residents to drink water that has not been contaminated by the regional floods. Their aim here is also to prevent possible disease outbreaks of all kinds that may result in problems such as hepatitis and other illnesses that can cause all kinds of both long-term and short-term problems. Cortes and other officials on twitter want to do what it is possible to head off the possible spread of such problems. To this end, they have helped bring measured intended to head off such problems before they start such as antibiotics that can be given to those with possible symptoms as a result of exposure to water in the area. Officials here are hopeful they can head off such problems as much as possible.

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