Using New Technology To Simplify Gift Registries

The technology behind gift registries is evolving quickly. Once upon a time, people had to list out the things they wanted as gifts for their weddings, anniversaries or baby showers. Then, guests had to coordinate among themselves to make sure that the same gifts weren’t bought by multiple people. It was sure to happen though. Even with the technology used today, duplicate gift items are bound to be purchased. The Huffington Post just published an interesting article on the subject that included the experiences of one of the journalists as they were getting married and planning their gift registry.

The article was especially important to me. I work with some of the leading technologies in visual search and image recognition. These companies are paving the way for the way that consumers shop. The article shared insights of what it was like before these types of technologies existed. The writer shares an account of having to go through registry for their wedding by using these scanners at a retailer location to scan items that they wanted as gifts. The process had several obstacles, like the scanners didn’t always work. Then, they ended up having duplicate gifts at their wedding because the gift registry didn’t update quickly enough to keep up with guest purchases.

The article points out that visual search companies can help fix this problem. Visual search companies like Slyce are equipped with the capabilities of revolutionizing the gift registry industry. Consumers can use Slyce to take pictures of any object in their environment in order to use image recognition that product in one of many retailer markets. Slyce works with major retail stores like Home Depot, and they just started working with Neiman Marcus and Urban Outfitters last year. The company is continuing to grow and expand their network of retailer relations.

The app from Slyce is relatively easy to use. Consumers of all generations are able to use Slyce to simplify their online shopping experience since one of the major hurtles to online shopping is finding the right product based on a keyword search. It is easy to see how this technology can help couple with their gift registry for their weddings. Slyce can recognize products based on pictures of the product, QR codes, barcodes or 2D images.