As one of the most successful Latina businesswomen in the United States, Nina Vaca says that courage is fundamental to success. Having courage in certain situations makes the difference between moving forward and getting stuck in a rut.

Vaca says that even the most powerful and confident people still get “a case of nerves” in those situations when they know they must perform well to avoid disaster. It’s normal to be nervous. But it’s how you face and handle those nerves that determine the outcome at the end of the day.

Vaca knows what she’s talking about based on her life experiences. She is a classic American success story, the daughter of Ecuadorian immigrants who started from humble beginnings and went on to create one of the leading professional staffing agencies in the world.

Her company, Pinnacle Group, is a multinational corporation which industry observers often single out as a case study for how to build “the perfect business.” Headquartered in Dallas, Pinnacle Group has an international presence, including service centers in Jordan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The company recently announced that it will be expanding to Ireland, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina.

All this from a company that Vaca started with just $300 when she was 25. She says that having courage and gaining inspiration from role models has been a key to her success.

Born on the first day of April of 1973, Isabel dos Santos is the first daughter of the former president of the Republic of Angola. She is well renowned as a successful businesswoman, who is experienced in her field. As a billionaire, Santos has the power to influence women in Angola and also across the world. She studied electrical engineering at King’s College in the United Kingdom, London. Isabel dos Santos has used her spotlight in the international stage to start and lead companies across a wide range of fields and industries in the world.

Isabel dos Santos, when given an opportunity to talk to leaders, bring attention to the importance of community leaders in the improvement of their communities. Her organizations will often identify individuals that have more than exceeded expectations in their careers and gives them greater audiences to spread their ideas and messages. Giving them these opportunities helps them increase their outreach and in turn grow their careers and increase their access opportunities. In recent news, Isabel dos Santos helped a telecommunications entrepreneur to move from selling phones in the streets to being in charge of a company that has over twenty branches and even more kiosks in operations.

Isabel Dos Santos has used her status to urge world leaders to support the economic empowerment of women in Africa. She stated that the economic empowerment of African women was the first step to transforming the African society. Her support of the African woman has encouraged the African woman to stand up and be counted in matters that are concerned with the welfare of the African continent. Isabel Dos Santos has a firm belief that Africa has the most promising businessmen and women as compared to other continents.

She also supports the entrepreneurial spirit that African entrepreneurs have and the potential that the African continent has to move to the first world from third world countries. Isabel dos Santos subscribes to a saying that states that first the seed is planted and then the future is changed, a statement that inspires many to pursue their goals with the future of the community in mind.

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For many in the world, the United States is a land where anything is possible, where if you work hard enough anything you want is yours. This image of America was no different for Doe Deere, at the time a teenager in Russia. Her daydreams of living in America would finally be realized at the age of 17 when she and her family moved to New York City. The land of opportunity was waiting for her and she was ready for it, unfortunately, that was not to be her experience in the first few years of her life across the Atlantic. Immediately her family began struggling when her mother’s educational credentials were non-existent in the U.S and had to resort to low paying jobs. Eventually, the family hit rock bottom and lived out of a homeless shelter on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. All Doe had was her family and her dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

It was not until the spring of 1999 when she and her family caught a break in the form of a woman name Dorchen Leidholdt, a social worker bent on aiding struggling immigrant families. Leidholdt would find Doe’s mother an accounting job, her sister a college education and Doe herself would be guided by Ledihoidt to the Fashion Institute of Technology after seeing her sketches. Her family was once again back on their feet, and even though she states that she never wishes that type of struggle on anyone, she would not exchange it for anything as it taught her so many valuable lessons.

In 2008, Doe Deere would finally realize her dream and founded “Lime Crime”. The company became a huge success with high sales and a team of 35 employees ready to inspire women from all over the world to be themselves. Doe Deere thanks America for everything she has, only in America can someone start off as homeless and become a CEO. She urges people to think that maybe, those immigrants who have not taken the pledge yet will be one of the ones to make America great.

Brian Bonar came to San Diego with the hope of opening restaurants that people would love, but he wanted to fit into a community that has its own style and culture. There is a great downtown area in Escondido that houses his Bellamy restaurant, and there is a ranch area where he is creating a place to hold banquets or parties. Someone who came from Scotland to San Diego has to get used to the area, but Mr. Bonar has decided to go all in for the San Diego way of life.
Modern Luxury has it that Escondido has a lot of people who are used to the old restaurants that sit in the downtown area, and they like to see places that have names like those of the people who started them. Mr. Bonar has no relation to a Bellamy, but he wanted to use a name that matched with what all the other people in the area have in that part of town.

His restaurant is really like a European bistro, and he wants to have a lot of really nice food that people would expect to find in a place that has a waiting list and a maitre d’ in a tuxedo. Mr. Bonar has his excellent executive chef at Bellamy right now, but that chef is going to move out to the ranch when the time comes. The empire that Mr. Bonar created is going to keep moving around San Diego, and he probably has another place in mind that people in San Diego have not heard of yet.

There is a lot that can be done with the ranch where Mr. Bonar is building, but he is cementing his reputation has a man who makes great food at Bellamy. A review that came out for the restaurant praised it for the food that was made just for a European bistro, and Mr. Bonar has kept the menu nearly the same to make sure that all his customers get the things that they have grown used to over time. He has regulars, and he charms people who come into Escondido just for his food.

Southern California is a really different place because it has its own culture and community that likes to move slower than everyone else. That is something that Mr. Bonar has taken to by taking people even farther out of San Diego. It is easy to get around the area, and people love to drive to Escondido to see his Bellamy restaurant, and he will probably have more people coming out to his ranch for events. His Scottish roots have been moved successfully to San Diego, and they are creating the best food that the denizens of the area have ever had.

Doe Deere would like to do more than head a successful cosmetic company like Lime Crime. True, she is the founder of Lime Crime, one of the most successful cosmetic companies around today. However, there is more to this pastel haired beauty than meets the eye. She always felt that she had plenty to contribute to the world. Now, she would like to teach women to approach life in a special way. Forget about the experts that tell you there is only one way to look or dress. She wants to inspire women to add a creative touch to their makeup and fashion.

Doe Deere Dares to Break Rules
The fact is that Doe Deere dares to break rules that the fashion world sets down to follow. She is very strong in her belief that fashion and makeup is an extension of a woman’s personality. Her makeup line provides a way for women to experiment with whimsical colors and create the kind of look that fits their personality. Her other beliefs are easy to follow too. Doe Deere believes that you should be bold, mix colors, mix patterns, wear the fashions you like, and dress the way that you feel your best. Doe Deere’s beliefs are inspiring a new generation of women to think outside of the box and find their creative path.

About Doe Deere
Doe Deere is the successful founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. However, she is not like your traditional CEO. Doe Deere is on a quest to prove that cosmetics are more than a tool used to enhance your looks. Cosmetics are all about self expression. In the way, that a small child play with water colors. They keep playing around with colors until they find something that makes them feel good. She would like women to use that approach in applying their makeup. In 2008, Doe Deere launched Lime Crime Cosmetics with this philosophy in mind.

Doe Deere is inspired by the world around her. In addition, she likes to create cosmetics and try them out for herself, instead of on lab animals. Thus, her customers are assured that the product line is cruelty free and made with the finest ingredients possible. In fact, they all have Doe Deere’s seal of approval first. Doe Deere believes that her success is due to understanding her customer. Thus, providing her with a good opportunity to create the type of cosmetics that they truly desire.