James Gutierrez Fundamentally Disrupting the Lending Industry

July 14, 2021 0 Comments

James Gutierrez is one of the eminent figures in the lending industry. The entrepreneur is committed and passionate about helping the underserved. The drive to champion and serve underbanked communities has guided him at each path of his career. And yes, both his personal and professional life has endeavored in nurturing organizations from the ground to greatness. The entrepreneur grew up in a caring and loving family. The immigration of his family into the United States saw him develop a passion for addressing various economic inequalities that persisted immigrants and an extensive community of color within the United States.

James Gutierrez’s foundation values have played a fundamental role in his professional ventures. The entrepreneur’s desire and upbringing have seen him build values into professional career opportunities. And, he flaunts a breadth of knowledge and skills in business from Stanford University. After graduating, the entrepreneur initiated Opportun, a company that has brought forth small microloans to dozens of working families. James Gutierrez has been the epitome of success. Of course, his fintech company has risen through the ranks to support the underserved and the poor.

With conscious effort, James Gutierrez has built viable opportunities for many individuals. He believes that foundations to transforming underserved families and creating wealth require a credit application. The motivation behind Opportun was to bring forth loans for the unbanked and marginalized groups. Years later, James Gutierrez leveraged his entrepreneurial drive to establish Aura. The company was intrigued by the notion of educating potential customers on a face-to-face basis. Sure, Opportun and Aura have had a significant impact on the lending ecosystem. Together, the entrepreneur projects they have provided about $3million loans to millions of borrowers. The social entrepreneur is also determined to initiate a novel mobile-first platform to offer insurance and banking solutions to marginalized groups.

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