Krishen Iyer Explains Always On

October 7, 2021 0 Comments

As a well-known California entrepreneur, Krishen Iyer got his start in business shortly after graduating from San Diego State University. His initial business was in insurance where he began the MNP Insurance. Today, it continues to utilize a model that emphasizes growth, which has allowed Krishen Iyer to take MNP higher. Afterwards, Iyer founded his second venture Managed Benefit Services (MBS). With MBS, it provides insurance and specialized services to clients’ needs. 


Due to a long, successful business career together with excellent communication skills with a unique understanding of how others are, Krishen Iyer is able to come out as a leader with vast subject knowledge. These subjects involve many operations in business and outreach. With this, Krishen Iyer was able to come up with his “always on” concept. 


Mastering the “Always On” Concept


With a marketing concept of “always on”, it is nothing new. In fact, prior to discussing the historical significance and the results stemming from it, there needs to be a significant definition. At the core of it all, “always on” pays mention to strategies highlighting the involvement of the audience through communication that specifies being available. As the message of being ¨on,¨ the clients will be more comfortable with the idea that says their wants and needs will be fulfilled when they need to be. Mainly, Krishen Iyer states, with ‘always on,’ it is to attract clients within your specified target area based on when they want and achieving the outcome at any time of day. Although the idea is praised, it is best to keep in mind that we are not communicating as much as we should. 


This is to say that the ideas of the clients need to be included and obtain a response in order to stay clear of overwhelming your customer base with unimportant information. With these considerations in mind, the concept of “always on” will remain very structured.