The food you eat is very important, but where it comes from, and what’s in it equally essential. The largest food group in North America, OSI Industries Ltd., gives their customers full disclosure. Based in Aurora, Illinois, they’re well known for their food processing services. They were willing to answer to a stabilized food industry without sanctions or imposed fees. Their competitors are currently unable to meet their demand for large scale food processing. OSI currently operates with over 20,000 employees. They recently celebrated a successful 20 year anniversary in the large China food group.

OSI Leading Team Executive

Chairman, and CEO, Sheldon Laving, reaches out to at-risk adults that suffer from a low to moderate income. They make it possible for their partners to provide long-term humanitarian services to local international areas. Due to his efforts, Lavin is the 2016 recipient of the Global Visionary Award for creating worldwide employment opportunities. He has been able to successfully create jobs for thousands of people. His job creation has also lead his food group stockholders to back their growth initiatives all the entire process. The research shows, Lavin continues to contribute meaningful growth to the OSI food group.

OSI Industries Services

Their services features are popular because they contribute to the procession of large scale food. The EU food market is a very beneficial food corp with food, and facility processing services. They were able to use their skills for their partnerships for advanced service options. Amazingly, they offer offer over 25+ years with 55 operating facilities around the world. OSI Industries Ltd.; offers food processing services that has helped them celebrate a 20+ year anniversary in China. The United States, and Asia are two of the most successful partnerships in their portfolio.

How To Become A Part Of OSI

OSI Industries has been able to make a successful bid for a Chicago food processing plant, and was able to retain thousands of jobs. Ironically, they continue to offer diverse job opportunities among their network. Their diverse opportunity offers executive positions, and positions for food service specialist. You can put an input into all of the food resources available at OSI to help them meet their mission of a nutritious food Trust the OSI family to get a good meal on the table of your restaurant, your family and guests will enjoy. Go directly to the OSI Industries food Group online site, and learn more.

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Sussex Healthcare is a company that provides personal care facilities for the elderly, and those who have learning disabilities, mental disorders, and dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The care homes provide support services for their clients in a home like environment. Their services pertain to the social, physical, emotional, and mental well being. The homes offer therapies for various health conditions that include hydrotherapy. There are pools and a gym that greatly benefit the individuals.

Sussex Healthcare is a group of twenty homes located in Sussex, Middlesex, and surrounding areas in the United Kingdom. Their primary focus is on patient care, and specialist care for people who have physical disabilities.

Sussex Healthcare is staffed by doctors and nurses who are qualified, and certified in their specific field. They are all professionals who are dedicated to the highest quality of patient care. The non certified staff are all professionally trained by the company for their specific position. Sussex Healthcare is now hiring for many positions within the company. They offer training at their training center. They believe that education and proper training are the key to strategy for success. The company offers a complete benefits package which includes a pension plan, staff bus, uniforms, accommodations at a reduced rate, and courses at their in house training academy. The package also includes paid breaks, subsidiary meals, and career advancements within the company.

For over twenty five years, Sussex Healthcare has been an award winning company that has based their success on the people that they employ. It is an ideal place to work and grow. They are currently hiring for a large number of positions in many of the homes, as well as office and clerical positions. Some of the available positions are: Full time Dental Receptionist, Nurse Division Recruitment Advisor, Registered Mental Health Nurse, Care Assistant, Care Home Unit Manager, Director of Estates and Facilities, Part time Activity Assistant, Domestic Assistant, Weekend Driver, Senior Care Assistant, Kitchen Assistant, and Team Leader. These are just a few of the jobs that need to be filled.

Sussex Healthcare is hiring for all of their care homes. For a complete list of jobs, and the homes in which there are vacancies, contact the human resources division of the company. If you have a passion for helping others, and care about the quality of life for the elderly, this is the perfect place to work, and feel rewarded for what you do for others.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd is a name to reckon with in the world of dating applications. She is the founder and CEO of one of the most popular dating apps out there currently named Bumble. Launched in 2014, Bumble has grown to become one of the game-changing dating apps that have over 30 million subscribers now. The company has grown manifolds in sizes since its launch and is estimated by Forbes to be worth way over $1 Billion. Whitney Wolfe Herd has ensured that the Bumble is integrated with features that are unique and provides users with a satisfying matching experience as a dating app.Whitney Wolfe Herd has personally used the dating apps in the past and knows what is in store for the users. She has analyzed what other dating app offers and as a co-founder of Tinder, has seen closely how the dating app is designing and conceptualizing process works.

It is this experience that Whitney Wolfe Herd has used extensively to design Bumble, which has grown significantly since the time it was first introduced. The number of members it has is growing at a substantial rate and has a presence in over ten countries currently. Whitney Wolfe Herd has made it easier for the women to enjoy dating applications as Bumble only allows the women to contact the men first. It means that women would not have to face getting messages from unknown men day and night, and gets to choose whom they want to date.

Whitney Wolfe Herd believes in women empowerment, and she herself signifies the women empowerment as she has come a long way in the technology business, which is otherwise a male-dominated sector. Bumble started in a small office with just a few employees but has grown tremendously in the past few years to become one of the leading dating apps. Now, the office of Bumble has shifted to another more prominent location, which along with other things also has a salon that the employees of the company have free access to. Whitney Wolfe Herd has made it to the front cover of many popular magazines, including Wired UK, Forbes, and Fast Company. Whitney Wolfe Herd understands the dating game entirely and knows that it is a business that is poised to grow in the time to come. It is for this reason, Whitney Wolfe Herd recently turned down the offer of $450 million by to acquire Bumble.

Isreali-American leader and influential Jewish philanthropist, Adam Milstein wrote a piece in the Jerusalem Post about the significance of Israeli Air Force planes flying over the Auschwitz death camps in Poland. Mr. Milstein described the aircraft flying over in solidarity with their Polish Air Force counterparts as a testament to the will of Jewish people to live on despite massive persecution and attempts at annihilation by the Nazis.

Three planes from the Israeli Air Force partook in a ceremony that marked over 8 decades since the Polish Air Force was established. All of the Isreali pilots in the Polish Air Force commemoration ceremony were descended from Jewish Holocaust survivors says Adam Milstein. While flying over the site of the worst death camp in history, the commander of the Israeli Air Force announced that Jews are no longer helpless or silent. The strength of the Israeli Air Force shows that Jews will now fight back and defend themselves against similar threats of annihilation coming from Iran and terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

While the Isreali Air Force pilots were proudly saluting the memory of the over million Jews that were exterminated at Auschwitz, Isreali Defense Force soldiers on the ground sang the Hatikva, which is the anthem of the Jewish State of Isreal. Adam Milstein is himself a former soldier who completed mandatory military service in the IDF or Isreali Defense Force. He knows how important it is for the Jewish state to have a powerful military. Adam Milstein also knows that the ceremony must have been incredibly touching for Jewish airmen flying over the Auschwitz death camp and those singing the anthem near the camp on the ground.

Adam Milstein is proud to say that Jewish people from all over the world can now depend on the Isreali Defense Force and the Jewish state of Isreal to provide them with safe haven and protection. Mr. Milstein is also one of the most prominent Jewish philanthropists in the world today, as stated by the Jerusalem Post. Adam Milstein works diligently day in and day out on behalf of the Jewish state of Isreal and Jews across the world to improve their security and livelihood. He is @ Facebook page

Times, they are changing. The advent of video marketing was one of the most important progressions in the world of the internet and we can look t companies like Talk Fusion as being pioneers with the technology. Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina, a former Sheriff’s Deputy from Florida, as a way to help businesses reach out and connect with their audiences. Talk Fusion was first started in 2007 and now, over a decade later, the company is still on the cutting edge of innovation. Talk Fusion recently dominated industry headlines with the announcement of their new WebRTC-based application, Live Meetings. Live Meetings, as you’ll soon find, may be the next big thing in video marketing.


Bob Reina is the type of charismatic leader who opts to lead from the front. His work with Talk Fusion typically entails getting out ahead of new projects and introducing the world to new technology. Live Meetings is Reina’s most incredible accomplishment so far and it’ll serve to really push Talk Fusion forward as we round the corner on 2018. Talk Fusion’s Live Meetings application was developed in order to facilitate one-way video conferencing between hosts and larger groups of viewers. When we say, large groups of viewers, we mean around 500 participants at a time.


In our video-driven, data-fueled world what does Live Meetings do that is so different from the rest of the video marketing competition? Well, for starters the entire program was built on WebRTC Technology. WebRTC Technology is going to be much more than a buzzword in coming years as companies become aware of the benefits. WebRTC technology allows consumers to access the platform directly without the need for any second-hand software or need for advanced plugins. Companies can merely send out their conferencing link to their customers and then the customer simply needs to click on the link to access the video.


Reina and Talk Fusion have always been about getting ahead of their competition and one of the easiest ways to do so is to commit full-sale to cutting-edge technology. The decision to move toward WebRTC Technology has actually been in motion for at least a year or so now. Talk Fusion made headlines with their Video Chat application, which landed several industry awards, and that was also built on WebRTC technology. Talk Fusion will continue moving forward to enhance their library of marketing software and we wouldn’t doubt it if more programs were released here shortly. Learn more:




Securus Technologies, a leading correctional facility support provider, has recently acquired GovPayNet, a leading governmental payment processor. To make its services more affordable and accessible, Securus has made several acquisitions over the years. Securus has over 30 years in business, and GovPayNet has over 20 years of experience. GovPayNet is used for payment processing for things like criminal background checks, court costs, traffic citation payments, and many other items collected by government agencies.


Securus Technologies is well known in the industry. The company serves thousands of agencies and has served well over 1.2 inmates, plus their loved ones. Keeping facilities safe and keeping inmates connected with their friends and family is what they’re known for. In recent years, Securus Technologies has been able to reduce the costs of calling and other communications. This is a great accomplishment, as it’s been a concern for many years that the costs were becoming prohibitive. Implementing alternative services to communicate, such as video visitation, email, and voicemail has also reduced the cost, allowing people to connect more often. The addition of the recent acquisitions has been made in part to advance technology at a much faster pace, as well as, streamlining the process for all parties involved to create a one-stop shopping experience, further decreasing costs.


Another recent addition to the Securus family is JPay. This company is also involved in financial transactions, more specifically, money and wire transfers. Monitoring services have also increased in recent years, making the facilities much safer. These services have also been used to help in the investigation of criminal cases, and to monitor employee relations inside the facilities. Wireless containment systems are also being introduced into facilities, to reduce the use of contraband cell phones. These devices prevent calls and text messages from being sent. With the increase of technological presence, all those involved in the process will enjoy a better quality of life now and as new technology is developed.


There are many people who struggle with chronic health issues today. One of the biggest issues with our current healthcare system is the cost. Over the past few years, the cost of healthcare has increased much more rapidly than inflation. As a result, there are millions of people who cannot afford quality healthcare.

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the leaders in the healthcare industry. He is on the cutting-edge of technology in this field. Tempus is a company that he started. The goal of the company is to leverage technology to help people transform their health. Eric Lefkofsky has a special focus on cancer treatment and prevention.

Early Life

Eric Lefkofsky has not always worked in the healthcare industry. He was a small business owner for many years, and during this time he had a lot of financial success. However, he always had a passion for health and wellness.

Several years ago, he decided to sell his other companies and focus on the healthcare industry. Instead of worrying about making a lot of profits in the business, he is focusing on helping as many people as possible. This is one of the biggest reasons why clients enjoy working with him so much.

Cancer Prevention

Eric Lefkofsky strongly believes that people can prevent various diseases in their life by living a healthy lifestyle. There will still be some people who develop cancer even with a healthy lifestyle. However, if everyone started to eat a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis, the total amount of cancer cases would drop dramatically.

When working with clients, the first thing that the company will do is get an overall profile of their health. If there are areas where clients can improve their health, such as by losing weight or reducing stress, the company will concentrate on improving those areas first. Eric Lefkofsky strongly believes that a holistic approach to medicine is the most effective approach. In the years ahead, Eric Lefkofsky wants to continue investing in new technology to help improve the overall healthcare industry. To know more about him click here.


Trading in the Forex market can be very confusing to newcomers to currency trading. You want to make money by taking advantage of imbalances between different national currencies but you don’t really know how or where to get started. Greg Secker is an expert when it comes to the Forex Market that teaches people his valuable skills when it comes to currency trading.

Thomas Cook Financial Services was the first company that Greg Secker worked at when he first became a trader. While there he was tasked with building a new company called Virtual Trading Desk. This was the very first online platform that featured Forex Trading in a real-time environment. People using his software could get real-time quotes and execute foreign exchange transactions over the internet, which was revolutionary at the time.

While working for Mellon Financial Corporation as an executive he learned from some of the best in the business when it came to Forex trading. He closely studied them and learned their strategies. Eventually, he earned enough in his personal account that he could retire from the industry and open up his own Forex trading floor in his own home. After a period of time he decided he should help others wanting similar financial success and so a new company was born.

In 2003, George Secker established the Knowledge to Action Group, an umbrella company for his other businesses. He also owns and operates Smartcharts Software, Learn to Trade, FX Capital, and Capital Index. Collectively these organizations teach people his strategy to make money buying and selling foreign currencies.

Learn to Trade is an award-winning company which holds two-day seminars teaching participants George Secker’s strategies. He has said that he started teaching other people for two reasons: opportunity and boredom. He left the financial industry because he felt himself stagnating even though he was making great money at it. He thought he would feel a lot more inspired getting out of that world and instead teaching others how to work the Forex market to their benefit. He enjoys hearing from his former customers and how attending his seminar really made a positive impact in their lives.


Rocketship Education is a public charter school system that it showing great promise in the education field. It locates primarily in lower income areas where there is no quality public school education available. It utilizes a partnership between teachers, students, parents and the commumity at large to forge a very successful educational outcome. For example the average Rocketship student graduates from high school a full year ahead of the average public high school student.

When everyone gets on board the excitement is catching because everyone sees the potential of the students actually having the opportunity to flourish. The model is quite different than the traditional public school routine of herding everyone into single classrooms for four or five hours a day. The sessions are innovative and fun, and the emphasize individual learning and involvement as opposed to simply learning information just to regurgitate on tests.

Students are also taught to have rock-ridged principles in regard to accountibility, empathy, and persistence. If a person learns to be accountable, everything else seems to fall into place. There are general classroom sessions, but the students then divide up into small group sessions where they can have their questions answered and the material can be covered in more depth.

When the entire community joins in to reach a common goal wonderful things happen. A strong educational system for the children goes a long way towards a long term solution for a lot of things. A students learn values, accountibility, respect, and empathy along with the mastery of their scholastics endeavors there is a dynamic result that affects everyone.

Every fall, the Rocketship Education teachers visit every home of every student with the goal of really getting to know the parents and even the extended families. The entire dynamic changes from parents and students in a “formal” setting in the classroom to the home of the student and things are much more friendly and real.

There is a real emphasis on parental participation, not only in keeping them informed, but on getting their imput regarding lesson planning and suggestions overall. When everyone buys into the fact that all children have tremendous potential, the results are far reaching with exciting results.

Lori Senecal is known as a leader when it comes to marketing and advertising. Lori has many ideas that help companies achieve success through marketing.

According to PRNewswire, here are some of the biggest trends when it comes to marketing. The reason why you need to keep up with the trends is because marketing is always changing. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. If you do not keep up with what customers want, you will miss out.

The first trend is aiming for the heart. You should try to evoke an emotional response with your ads. Use empathy and sympathy. You should also use real people. Using real people, as opposed to stock photos, is a great way to connect with your viewers.

You should also focus on creating a delightful experience. This means that when you create an ad, whether it is a video or something else, it should delight and inspire your audience. This is especially important when it comes to social media marketing and advertising. People do not want to see annoying ads popping up all over the place. That is why you have to create ads that are not annoying at all. Your ads need to be interesting and exciting so that people actually love it when they see them. You should also use strong and vivid colors. This will make your ads stand out. People will start noticing your ds. That is a good thing. So many ads go unnoticed because of banner blindness, and using vivid colors is a way to combat this.

You also need to make your ads optimized for mobile devices. This includes phones and tablets, but also other mobile devices. If your ads are optimized for mobile, then you will be able to reach a lot more people who are using mobile devices.

Lori Senecal was the Global CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky. As their Global CEO, she grew their revenue by twenty one percent. She helped them grow tremendously. She also headed the New York office of Mccann Erickson.

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