Established only six years ago during the month of May, Infinity Group Australia is vastly and positively changing the lives of most Australians who have partnered with the firm. Its existence is as a result of the collaboration of its co-founders and now directors Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm. Since it was established in 2012, the company has broken the internet as well as the streets of Bella Vista, NSW where it is built and here is why:


a.) Fast and unique debt reduction techniques


One of the listed services provided by Infinity Group Australia is debt reduction which is also a service in other similar firms. The only difference is that with infinity group, debt reduction services are relatively faster and cheaper. Recently, a case was highlighted concerning a young family who through the help of infinity group were able to reduce a debt of $ 96,271. It is not the reduction that is amazing but the fact that the company was able to help in overcoming this debt in only a year and the young family did not have to struggle financially. It is however not the only case of debt reduction handle by the company since it’s established.


b.) Excellence financial services


While most of the companies help clients to manage their company they do this without teaming up with the specific client. Well, at Infinity Group Australia, this is somewhat different. The reason is that the company through the director Graeme Holm offers each client with a private banker. The role of the banker is t first help the clients reduce their debt and guide them on how to effectively manage their wealth in order for them to secure the future of their finances as well as create wealth with their funds any time they wish too.


c.) Award nomination


For how long does it take before a company the niche of a competitive and flocked niche to be listed in award-winning events? Probably a decade or two right? But not in Infinity group Australia. In 2017, the company was listed in various award-winning event and categories including Optus My Business Awards 2017, Vow Financial Altitude Awards and Customer Service Experience category. Speculations are that the company will next year be winning in the nominated awards and categories.


It is because of these three aspects, yet it has been in the industry for only six years that the Australia Infinity Group marveled a multitude of people and companies.

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JHSF is one of the main property growing companies in Brazil. Launched in the year 1972 by brothers Fábio and José Roberto Auriemo from town of São Paulo as a building firm, the brothers had a vision of one day turning it to the largest property developer from the nation and so earned two other partners that they had been to back the rise of the corporation.

JHSF saw enormous growth and from the year 2001 they had been managing large projects and in that time they could result in the mall revolution into Brazil. This was completed through the growth of the renowned Metrô Santa Cruz mall situated in São Paulo it had been the very first mall famous in Brazil to emerge incorporated with all the local subway station. The idea proved to be a hit with all the goal clients as it provided a rare convenience since most clients could store and get their favorite mode of transportation.

This was shown to be a very powerful strategy since he came in with fresh ideas and managed to rapidly grow and enhance the corporation.

José Auriemo immediately took on the luxury marketplace, through his direction from the year 2006 JHSF had started the midsize high-end Cidade Jardim complicated. This is only one of the best shopping destinations on the planet since it homes Shopping Cidade Jardim one of the few few places where each large global brand is located.

As a public traded firm it managed to get more funds and also at the time managed to obtain a controlling stake in the Fasano Group resorts. The business continued to increase its branches around Brazil by inventing new developments like Horto Bela Vista Sophisticated, Fazenda Boa Vista, and Catarina Fashion Outlet among others.

JHSF has also spread its wings into the global markets, as noticed by these kinds of improvements like 815 buildings situated on 5th Avenue in New York.

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How Randal Nardone has Transformed Fortress Investment Group with Two Decades of Innovative Leadership

Since its foundation in 1998, Fortress Investment Group prides itself as an industrial trendsetter. The 2007 entry of the company to the New York Stock Exchange raised the eyebrows of many industrial players. This entry marked the first time a private equity company of such colossal scale was going public on NYSE. But with barely a decade of industrial presence, it was the innovative leadership style of the firm’s founders that propelled its success.

Fortress Group Principals

In 1998, financial experts joined their efforts in founding the Fortress Group. These experts included Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman. While Kauffman retired from his position in 2012, the remaining two principals have been managing the company as principals. As Edens chairs the Fortress board, Nardone has been the company’s chief executive officer since 2013.

Nardone’s Educational Background and Early Career

Even though Nardone is a prominent figure in the investment sector, he is a law graduate and didn’t study investment-related courses. He schooled at the Boston University School of Law where he graduated with a Juris Doctor. He also holds a BA degree in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut.

With a degree in law, Randal Nardone began his law career with the Thacher Proffitt & Wood Law Firm. He then worked with BlackRock Financial Management before joining UBS as a Managing Director.

Tenure of Nardone at Fortress

Since 1998, Nardone has been part and parcel of Fortress Investment Group. The one-time #557 self-made billionaire according to Forbes (with over USD 1.8 billion) has helped transform the company into a leading alternative assets manager globally.

In the two decades at Fortress, Randal Nardone has seen the company diversify its services to cover capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, managing operations, hedge funds investments, and investing in assets. The firm now amasses more than USD 43 billion from its assets.

Other Roles

Apart from running Fortress, Randal Nardone has roles in multiple boards and institutions. For instance, he is the Director of Springleaf Holdings and Brookdale Senior Living, Executive Manager of the New Residential Investment Corporation, and the Director of Gagfah. Meet Fortress Investment Group’s Ex-Billionaire Interim CEO


If you are wondering why OSI Food Solutions are among America’s top 100 food companies, the answers are as followed. OSI Food Solutions carries an expansion of history in rich growth. In 1909 they began as a small Meat Market. From that point on they were able to establish stable success supplying their products to companies that became huge empires like McDonald’s, Subway and Papa Johns. As they continuing to produce high-quality meat with the ability to meet their supply and demand throughout the years, they were able to expand their products in Germany, China, the U.K. as well as maintained their established growing success in the United States.

Being an example in displaying hard dedication in environmental safety, OSI Food Solutions has been awarded the Globe of Honor in 2016 by the British Safety Council. In order for a company to be given this prestigious award, they would first have to go through the British Safety Council environmental awareness audits. Passing with flying colors, they executed phenomenal management in keeping their work environment healthy and safe. There is no surprise that they have received the Globe of Honor twice before, once in 2013 and 2015.

Today the company has grossed over 6.1 billion dollars in sales making it one of America’s top successful companies with over 20,000 employees. They provide a work environment that gives rewarding opportunities and growth to all of their employees with job opportunities around the globe, such as Germany, Hungary, Poland, Spain, China and the U.K.

For over 100 years they have delivered quality food products. This fact alone, speaks volumes on the longevity of their hard dedicated work. They carry industry-leading innovation, dedication and commitment. These are only a few answers as to why OSI Food Solutions is among one of America’s top 100 food companies.

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The fashion industry is one of the most exciting industries on earth. This particular field of work utilizes some of the brightest of minds. These bright-minded individuals have produced some stunning attire over the years and the Academy of Art University has played a big role in the field’s success. The Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion hosted its annual Spring Show between May 18 – June 9. This event is basically a student showcase to some degree as it publicized many fashion pieces from the school’s graduating class. Preparing the students for runway success is the goal and this event certainly didn’t disappoint.

Ideas and passions are reflected thanks to the school’s diverse mix of people,” said Elisa Stephens, president of AAU. The student-base here is rather large, and students come from all around the globe. This includes the nations of Nigeria, Mexico, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Indonesia. The professional world is full of collaborations and the Academy of Art University personifies this notion the best. The school’s students have come from all walks of life whether it’s the middle class, or it’s the general wealthy. Eden Slezin, former-graduate of AAU, is the very definition of a hard worker that’s from the middle class. Brandon Kee, former-graduate of AAU, has become a huge success, and he has starred on the hit television series “Project Runway.” The next season of the show will be his 16th season of competition.

The Academy of Art University does a phenomenal job of preparing its students for the workplace. This fine institution offer graduate degrees, offer undergraduate degree and offer certificates. The school also utilizes some of the most technologically advanced innovations of today. What more could anyone ever ask for? The Academy of Art University is definitely reaching for the stars one student at a time.


Achieving self-reliance through financial independence has always been the primary goal of everyone. That is why we all wake up and head to work whether it’s freelancing or keeping up with nagging bosses to get there. However, achieving financial independence is impossible without planning. And planning is not easy either especially to the Average Joe with no professional background. Fortunately with individuals like Richard Blair who dedicate their lives to providing professional retirement and wealth planning it is now possible for individuals in Texas to pursue self-reliance. Unlike most wannabe financial advisers, Richard does not go just by any order instead of using his rich experience in the finance arena, Richard developed a three-pillar approach which has proven to be incredibly beneficial. Below is more insight on these three pillars.

The first

The primary objective of the first pillar is to carve out a financial path which is what the client will use as a map or road guide to achieving his/her financial goals. To create this map, Richard Dwayne Blair first goes the extra mile in learning the goals, ability to withstand risks and growth opportunities of his clientele. This helps him to come up with an effective map as he can understand each of his clients from a personal perspective and also aids in creating long-lasting relationships with each of his clients.

The second

Richard Dwayne Blair uses the second pillar of financial planning to help the client identify prospective profitable long-term investments based on the factors mentioned above such as the goals and ability to withstand risks. Once the client decides on a specific investment choice, Richard goes on to reallocate the required assets and helps bring it to life and in a way that the client can adapt to both high and low demand market movements.

Third pillar

Richard uses this third and last pillar to walk the client through the implementation of the goals and monitors their progress ensuring that they are on the right path.

Who is Richard Dwayne Blair?

Richard Dwayne Blair is the brains behind the famed Wealth Solutions Inc. Under his belt, the company has helped myriads of Austin and Texas residents achieve financial independence through top-notch financial advice that follows the three pillars approach highlighted above.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the esteemed University of Houston and has been in the finance arena for more than two decades. This gives his Current and prospect clients have every reason to turn to the company and let Richard Blair guide them as they try to make their way to the apex of success. Consequently, Wealth Solutions Inc. has been here for more than two decades and is fully certified a factor that gives even more reasons for anyone seeking self-sufficiency to turn to Richard’s company. He boasts a rich portfolio of high profile clients who are now living comfortably thanks to Richard Dwayne’s unique approach.

Decentralized markets are untested waters. Most companies stay away from them as if a sign saying, “Shark” were present. The shark of course would be fragmentation and fraud. Decentralized markets lack the security and safety of centralized markets, but also contain a lot more possibility. Possibility that reaches past the horizon to places most cannot even see. This is why Malcom CasSelle wants to go there, because of the unseen possibility.

Malcom CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins, and the president and CEO of WAX. He has been a top executive in a slew of internet-based companies across a wide margin of years. He has served in social media companies, online paywall companies, and has founded a few of his own. CasSelle is an innovator, always looking for the next step the digital market will take. This time he sees it venture into the decentralized zone, which is why he is going there with WAX.

WAX, or Worldwide Asset eXchange, is an online payer to player market that operates fully in the decentralized zone. It is able to do this through a brilliant innovation by the designers and CasSelle, blockchains. WAX uses the unending strings of data to create smart lists that accurately determine legitimacy. In this way players can be free of any worry, and can trade their assets for other commodities, or even money. The network will be the first in the gaming world to offer a return of investment for money spent. This is a rather unprecedented development, and would have long lasting effects on the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

CasSelle is a graduate of both MIT and Sanford University, holding a bachelors and master’s degree in computer sciences. He served Tronc Inc. before coming to OPSkins. He was the CTO and president of new ventures for the company. CasSelle is also an early stage investor, taking part of trends that have enlarged considerably. He was an early stage investor for Bitcoin, Facebook, and Zynga. As president of WAX CasSelle hopes to revolutionize the industry.


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Susan McGalla has established herself in the marketing and consulting world. She is a big deal as the creative director for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In a male-dominated culture she is showing that she has all the skills and more to take on the challenges that are presented before her.

One thing that Susan McGalla may know very well is that you cannot succeed and get to the top in the corporate industry without a college degree. She would urge women to get as far as they can when it comes to college education. A master’s degree would be good, but even when you decide not to go this far you should still go and obtain a marketing degree. This is what Susan McGalla believes. She is someone that knows the value of this.

You may have great idea. You may have a great level of creativity that gives you the ability to produce great advertisements. Susan believes, however, if you do not have the sound foundation for marketing principles from a collegiate level that you may struggle to actually develop the concept the way that advertising should be handled. You will also find yourself struggling to get a job because you are competing against others that have gone to school for the same positions.

Another thing that Susan McGalla realizes is that you cannot be someone that is bound to a life where you only look at the top positions. Susan believes you should be willing to start small and work your way up.

Jeff Herman is an extremely passionate lawyer within the law industry. His life mission has been to help and secure justice for those affected by sexual assault, rape, abuse, and sexual exploitation. The source of his inspiration came in the 1990s, when he learned of a client’s son who being abused by his school’s teacher. This conviction of ideals and passion has propelled his law firm forward to success. In a recent interview on the website Inspirery, Jeff Herman describes many aspects of his career and law firm.

The interview begins with Jeff Herman discussing the impact of his initial case. He worked to the best of his ability to gather as much information as possible. The result of the case was poor background checks on the school’s part. His power to hold an organization accountable and bring closure to those involved has been the guiding force behind Herman Law. The unique aspect of Jeff Herman’s law firm is he will only accept fees with he wins the case. His prior experience and team was sufficient enough to keep the company afloat during the early years.

At the start of his Herman Law venture, Jeff Herman did not have time for second guesses. The clients expect him to be the all knowing and confident person who can solve their cases. However, he describes a period where his psyche was been deteriorating from the bad people he had been seeing. At that point, Jeff Herman took steps to balance his life and is currently doing well. At the end of the day, client comfort is important to his business. He wants clients to be open and forthcoming about the incidents. The more details he has to work with, the more likely the case can be closed on a positive manner.

There are few lawyers as specialized and passionate in a particular field than Jeff Herman. His law firm, Herman Law, has developed a proven success record. The clients enjoy his service, and he enjoys bringing their cases to light. The world is a better thanks to Jeff Herman’s law services.

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Vinod Gupta epitomizes the phrase ‘mover & shaker.’ He’s the type of person you think of when you hear the old adage, ‘if you want something completed, assign it to a busy person.’ Yet even more so, Vinod performs goal and mission oriented actions. Though he may keep a journal of one, his checklist is an organic, effervescent, dynamic matter anchored in enhancing customers’ life experiences and guided by the magnet of thoroughness. Vinod Gupta is the kind of person who, when you learn of all of his accomplishments, how he achieved them and their magnitude of change for so many, you want to ask, ‘Do you do architecture..? I’d like someone to design my home and I know you’d see to it that all of my specifications were met and in grand style!’ Or at least whether he knew of anyone of his character who would fulfill the request. In essence, you can exhale with Vinod on the job.

Vinod Gupta excelled through all of his school years avoiding miseducation but choosing premium material, giving 200% of his focus and efforts and yielding maximum rewards in terms of scholarships, promotions and cheerful mentors. During his corporate work under others, he always diligently completed way more than the expected or required aims. In so doing, he wound up developing a business of his own by über addressing the needs of his clients. And while he knows it will always take hard work to make it big, he also recognizes the need to lend a helping hand to others, especially the marginalized.

Accordingly, Vinod Gupta builds and funds educational institutions. He continues to donate millions of his hard earned dollars to his alma maters. Also, to help reverse the ills perpetuated by generations of oppression against girls and women in India, he founded and commissioned the building, development and promotion of his Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic learning institute in the year 2000. Similarly, he ensures the continual flow of more than enough money to cover all needs associated direct and indirectly with girls and women getting to and succeeding at his and all schools citing the motivation instilled in him by his father toward education. What a difference! What a new legacy!