Steph Korey changing lives of Travelers

December 28, 2021 0 Comments

Steph Korey took a phone call from a friend that was pretty upset at an airport. Her friend’s luggage was broken and she was stuck in between spending little money on something that wouldn’t last or spending too much money on something that would last a long while. This contemplation made Steph Korey wonder why there wasn’t luggage available that was both durable and affordable. This phone call led to both herself and her friend/colleague Jen Rubio to start the luggage company Away.


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Steph Korey was successful at running a supply chain for eye wear that was affordable. After this success she had made her way to Colombia where she conquered business school. As she finished her schooling in Colombia she took her exams and papers in a cheap suitcase over to Asia to meet with manufacturers to pursue the ideal affordable luggage. The luggage that was made had stronger zippers and wheels and a light metal outer shell which is commonly used in fighter jets. This suitcase even included a charging dock with built in battery. The charging dock is USD accessible. This charging dock withstands the capability of charging an iPhone 5 times.

Away business structure is similar to both Casper Mattresses and Warby Parker. This business went public in 2015 just in time for the holidays. There is no retail procedures as this suitcase is only available online. The duo Steph Korey and Jen Rubio were successful in raising $2.5 million in their first round which led them to the launch of the business. They have a ton of ideas for different travel products and plan to pursue those in the future.

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