If you intend on retiring with Social Security as a financial backbone, you might want to think again. Ted Bauman is an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing with decades of experience in the writing game. A graduate from the University of Cape Town, Ted Bauman has a decorated resume writing about the financial field. With a primary focus of providing his readers with key information for their finances n the future, Bauman has a lot to say and people would do well to listen. Right now, Bauman is working to alert his readers at The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club of the problems that Social Security might present in the future.

Social Security was brought into the fold over 80 years ago by FDR as part of his New Deal. This form of socialism-lite ended up taking roots and becoming a part of the American financial system. Growing up, most people probably anticipated using their Social Security in order to retire a comfortable life. Ted Bauman understands the benefits of Social Security but he is firmly in the camp of believers that are touting a ‘plan b’ option for financial solvency after retirement. According to Ted Bauman, Social Security could become insolvent as soon as 2050. There are many reasons as to why Bauman is advising his readers to start planning secondary paths to financial comfort late in life. Primarily, Bauman points to the shrinking middle class and the profound way that corporations are dodging taxes at an unprecedented rate.

With how complicated the financial field is, Bauman knows that he needs to toe a very important lien with his work. Delivering this key information while maintaining an entertaining voice is absolutely an art form. With that being said, Bauman actively advocates that his readers get as much information from as many different sources as possible. After all, you can’t even begin to understand the national economy, much less the international economy, unless you really take in different sources of information. Bauman even advocates reading from sources that go against your gut feelings, instincts, and inclinations. Ted Bauman Explains 3 Possible Stock Market Crash Outcomes

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