The Path To Becoming A Modern CEO: Advice And Insights From Greg Blatt

December 23, 2021 0 Comments

In 2003, Blatt’s career in the entertainment industry took a new turn when he decided to leave a successful career in corporate law and become a film and television producer. Blatt gained knowledge in the technology field at Amazon, where he led the development of their first mobile software suite as Director of New Business and Development for Amazon Mobile.

In this role, he oversaw development and launch of the Kindle as well as Amazon’s development of their business development team. While at Amazon, Blatt realized the potential of Internet technologies and the accompanying mobile revolution. In 2006, he returned to New York City and immediately became an investor and member of the Board of Directors for Rent-A-Center, a nationwide rent-to-own retailer. Go here for more information.


He holds tremendous success from IAC. He initiated several strategic spin-offs, including IT Brands and Match. Tinder, the dating app, which is probably the best-known service under the IAC umbrella, and whose user base is rapidly growing, was acquired by IAC for $3BN in late 2016, three years after launch. This strategy is based upon solid foresight and a great amount of execution. Yet for a while, Match Group was considered to be a financial failure.

Blatt even saw it through the toughest financial circumstances possible, and is now on track to become a profitable enterprise for IAC. Greg Blatt also is able to maintain harmony between his work and family life. He also is single, having been married to his wife Martha at the time of Tinder’s birth, and happily remains so.

Advice for younger generations

Greg Blatt has observed firsthand how tech has had a profound effect on the world we live in, so he shares some of his wisdom with the young and upcoming generation. “The digital age and what I call ‘digital advertising’ has accelerated the rate of change so you have to have a sense of what’s working now so you can continue to stand out and attract your next audience,” says Blatt. “Create a company of allies – When negotiating with a team, do you have colleagues that you trust and work with? Be wary of those who are not strong allies to you.”


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