The success of Monteverde and Associates under Juan Monteverde

July 3, 2021 0 Comments

Juan Monteverde has parleyed in his law practice with over 15 years of experience. This chairperson and CEO of the law firm has remained focused on advocating for the rights of the shareholders. According to him, many shareholders incur losses due to misleading advertisements and cooperate fraud in mergers.

He has therefore come in to help shareholders receive their justice, and from experience, he has helped so many people get back their funds after investing in these big firms. For example, his law firm represented the clients up to the US Supreme Court.

Juan Monteverde and His Law Firm

As an attorney, he has dedicated his career life to the success of his clients. Through his extensive expertise, he decided to incept his company to represent his clients in litigation matters. The attorney has remained focused on his work, and this good client relation has earned him a good name in practice.

During the interview, he was proud to state that he began the company, and it remained successful as he already had several clients from the intimal law firms. His success at his work adds a lot more clients through referrals. However, he also has a web page where he posts all the successful cases he has represented.

The strategies help him receive a percentage of the share from his clients subject to court approval. Though he does not win all the cases, he continues to work for his clients, which has helped him and the law firm succeed. Besides, he believes in meeting datelines at all times.

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