What Teachers Wish Working Moms Knew about School

September 1, 2021 0 Comments

When someone has a child in school or a few children in school, it is important for them to understand as much as possible about how the school communicates. A great school will have methods in place that will allow the parents to see what the child is doing on a typical day. It will reflect what they are learning and what they will be learning along the way. A parent does not necessarily have to check everything each day but checking a few times a week is highly recommended. By looking at things a few times a week, a parent will know how their child is progressing throughout the week and what things should be worked on at home.

Many teachers wish more parents would use classroom apps. ClassDojo is an app that is used amongst parents and teachers. It is a great way for students to show their work and for teachers to stay in contact with parents. Teachers are able to share announcements and other things that are happening at the school. ClassDojo was very helpful during the pandemic because most students were being taught online. It was used a great deal to help teachers share the tasks of the day with the parents. The teachers were able to ask the parents questions and vice versa.

Teachers wish parents were able to ask important questions they have at parent-teacher conferences. This way they can ensure they are always doing what is best for the student and not wasting time on things that do not matter. ClassDojo is great to have everything in one place.

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