10 Things You Don't Know About Steph Korey

January 31, 2022 0 Comments

Steph Korey is an Australian entrepreneur who has created a global movement for inclusivity. Her story covers everything from her humble beginnings to the success of KORA Organics, the world’s first certified organic makeup line. Steph Korey’s story about personal growth and entrepreneurship is inspirational.


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Steph Korey was born in Perth, Western Australia and raised by her single mother. From a young age, She learned the importance of hard work and determination. Steph’s first big break was when she created a platform for young designers called Collective Hub

Her entrepreneurial journey began with the launch of “Away” Company. In just three years, she turned Away into a multi-million-dollar business. Steph Korey is the CEO and co-founder of KORA Organics. In 2009, Steph launched KORA Organics to create a global movement for inclusivity.

Steph Korey has spoken at TEDx and given keynote speeches around the world about the importance of female entrepreneurship. She is the author of “The Third Wave: A New Era for Female Entrepreneurs.” Her first book outlines her vision for the future of female entrepreneurship and how to achieve success.

She is passionate about helping other female entrepreneurs achieve success. She has won several awards, including the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award. She is a strong advocate for mental health awareness.

She has spoken candidly about her struggles with mental health and how it has impacted her life and business. Her advice for entrepreneurs is to never give up. She is focused on hard work and determination.