Dr Barry Lall the CEO of Pinnacle Hotels

November 23, 2021 0 Comments

There is a big difference between being a doctor and a hotelier, as one must attend medical school, and the other goes to a business school. The doctor deals with patients while the other guest, Dr. Barry Lall, differs from arguing that a doctor is better paid than a hotelier. After shifting from being a doctor and venturing into hotels, Dr. Barry didn’t stop attending to patients but instead, he pursued his life mission of becoming a successful entrepreneur. He believed that working in hotels is the same as taking care of patients.

Dr. Barry Lall believes that being a patient or guest is the same because both parties want to be cared for. Lall was born in Southeastern Africa by a British colony, and he grew up in a village without necessities like tap water and electricity. His father was a teacher before relocating to Zambia, where he ventured into the clothing business. Dr. Barry Lall used to help his father in the store to attend to customers, and his father could leave him to run the store for the whole day as he attended other business activities. Being able to run the store at a younger age made him more interested in becoming an entrepreneur as there was a lot of freedom.

The urge to serve human beings made Barry pursue a career in the medical field, and he graduated from medical school in Scotland and later moved to the United States for an internship. After working for a few years in the medical field, Dr. Barry Lall didn’t get satisfied with it, and he opted for the hotel sector, where he founded Pinnacle Hotels.

Dr. Barry Lall is the current president and CEO of Pinnacle Hotels located in the United States of America. He attended Glasgow University Medical School and later relocated to the United States and ventured into his dream career of becoming an entrepreneur. In 1982, Dr. Barry acquired a 12-room motor lodge located in Coronado Island. He’s been able to expand the business, and now he has 26 hotels in the United States.

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