Krishen Iyer’s Exclusive Profile

November 10, 2021 0 Comments

Krishen Iyer founded and is also the owner of an Encinitas bound consulting venture called MAIS Consulting. This triumphant entrepreneur is a California native because he even studied his tertiary education at San Diego and graduated with a Public Administration degree. Krishen Iyer started his exclusive career in insurance shortly after completing his studies at college. MNP became the first establishment that Krishen Iyer created. 


Led by the business expert and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer, this firm realized phenomenal advancement, and in 2015, it was highlighted by Inc. 5000 for its excellent performances. After initiating MNP, he founded MBS and is also the CEO, but the firm was initially called Quick Link Marketing. MBS means Managed Benefits Services and the establishment works with customers to enable create leads for the establishments. MBS is an accredited insurance and marketing establishment and it uses a unique analytical procedure to generate leads necessary for making many consumers clients. 


In instances of companies focusing on a specific niche, MBS can render leads for better sales. Presently, Krishen Iyer prioritizes MAIS Consulting because he is the CEO and initiator. This consulting establishment focuses on enabling companies with advertising, contracting the policies as well as strategic growth (Officialusa). 

Krishen is inquisitive because he always searches for new improved ways of suiting his business and accomplishing the clients’ demands. Krishen Iyer’s day involves meeting customers in the morning and then later finding solutions to their pressing needs. Krishen creates time to participate in several philanthropic efforts in the community. He engages with the Make-A-Wish Initiative. Krishen Iyer is also involved in some Haiti relief commitments after the country suffered a devastating earthquake.  While he is a very busy professional he still takes time to give back to others.