Mahmoud Khattab Effort's To Build Precious MD From Scratch

June 28, 2022 0 Comments

Precision M.D is a small business located in Golden State, and its CEO is Mahmoud Khattab. The business employs about 20 people, and Khattab has been recognized as a prominent entrepreneur.

Mahmoud came to America from the University of Damascus, found in Syria. The entrepreneur says that after seeing the soaring success he brought to Precious MD, one can easily forget where the business has been since its inception. Mahmoud built the company from scratch, bought all the equipment needed, and hired all the staff. He explains that building the company to what it is today was not an overnight process.

Khattab explained that the journey to build Precious MD started with a rental office and then added another office and another one. The entrepreneur explained that the company had reached a point where they were running out of space. Read on to find out more about Mahmoud Khattab and his work at

Work At Precious MD Ground Level

Some entrepreneurs believe that building a thriving business is about investing in the finances and taking a step back to watch the business grow and succeed. However, Mahmoud Khattab believes in a more hands-on technique as part of what makes a good leader. He confessed in an interview that he manages the business during the day, which is very busy and consumes a lot of time. He said that it takes effort for him to manage time effectively.

Intending to overcome the daily hurdles in business, Mahmoud stays focused on the issues that matter the most. Thus, he focuses on assisting clients until they are content and satisfied with the company’s services.

Precision MD was established in California in an area called Elk Grove. Mahmoud hopes to stay ahead of the foreseeable future so they can remain up to date with the competitive industry. Mahmoud’s effective leadership skills make him continue to focus on employees’ and clients’ first paradigm, which has helped Precious MD over the years to be very successful.