Mark Hauser, champion of the health and fitness industry

November 23, 2021 0 Comments

Mark Hauser serves as the vice president and a managing partner at Hauser Private Equity, a merchant banking firm. He is driven by his passion for the fitness and wellbeing industry after being involved in sports before his retirement. His experience and professionalism in this sector led him to make investments in this industry.

He has invested in Insurance Agency known as Hauser Insurance Inc. that provides risks management to its clients, mostly private entities with a private equity focus. Later on, in 2008, Mark Hauser founded Hauser Capital Partners, which pioneered the creation of Hauser Private Entity that aimed at helping lower and middle investors in their investments. To date, Hauser Equity Partners have invested more than three hundred US dollars in privately owned businesses.

In 1990, he joined Bob Castellini to develop the Cincinnati Sports Club, a sports mall that serves all sporting amenities under one roof. The club has greatly advanced where today it sits on a 16-acre piece of land, where it houses amenities such as large fitness rooms, indoor swimming pool, tennis court, amongst others. Other than housing these amenities, the club also offers health and medical wellness services.

To ensure that Mark Hauser has invested in fitness investment, he has funded various projects to improve the fitness industry. His recent investments are the big-box fitness, making of home fitness brands, etc. in 2012, Hauser Private Equity joined with Vessey Street Capital to form Elite Body Sculpture, with the highest fat deduction and transfer services. The company, however, encourages people to carry out healthy eating behaviors and do exercise to get rid of excess fats.

To date, Mark Hauser has seen the health and fitness industry grow for the last thirty years. He continues to lead in championing the industry by identifying and partnering with other willing partners in the industry.