Mark Hauser, Finance Expert and his investment in healthcare

April 18, 2022 0 Comments

Like most investors, Mark is interested in making investments within the healthcare industry that create sound financial and strategic sense. But even beyond the financial and strategic side of healthcare investments, Mark Hauser brings extensive experience and unique insight. Hauser Private Equity has been a leader in healthcare investments for over 30 years and has deployed over $3.5 billion in healthcare opportunities. HPE has formed strategic alliances with key players across the healthcare industry in pursuit of leading-edge technologies and disruptive innovations that address the growing challenges of the industry.

Community Wellness Investing

Hauser has a long-standing focus on community wellness and has identified several opportunities for healthcare providers to generate an additional source of revenue and expand their operating margins. This is one of the key reasons he decided to focus on community wellness investments. Hauser is confident in the future of the community wellness industry and has a passion for nurturing companies that are actively involved in expanding community wellness. The mission of HPE is to develop and grow companies that provide accessible solutions for improving the quality of life in communities.

What’s Next for Healthcare Investing?

Mark Hauser is leading an investment team dedicated to finding strategic healthcare partnerships. With the help of an advisory team and experts, the investment firm has uncovered hundreds of high-potential deals that allow for significant improvements in patient experience, quality care, and payment options for physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. HPE and its partners will create synergies by entering into synergistic partnerships to create value and drive growth.

“Over the last couple of decades, I’ve developed a deep appreciation of creating value in healthcare. I am excited to take the lead and continue to identify investment opportunities for our healthcare partners that can help deliver better patient outcomes,” said Mark Hauser.

Mark Hauser’s Investment philosophy

HPE creates innovative investment solutions that leverage the wealth of experience of its partners and strategists. HPE uses its expertise to identify compelling investment opportunities in healthcare and related industries as an independent investment firm. HPE provides financing solutions to companies in both domestic and international markets, creating long-term relationships that help meet the needs of their business and deliver value to its investors. As one of the leading investment companies within the healthcare industry, HPE has a proven track record of creating long-term partnerships and helping to create long-term value for its investors. HPE partners with the world’s leading healthcare companies and works to help transform the industry through strategic alliances.