Mark Hauser Leverages 3+ decades of Experience In Healthcare Investment.

May 20, 2022 0 Comments

At the core of Hauser Private Equity’s vision is a commitment to promoting a healthy and active population, utilizing the power of data and innovative business strategies to advance a healthier healthcare industry. HPE has developed innovative healthcare products for clients with data-driven strategies, such as the innovative Patient and Caregiver Portal, Patient and Caregiver Access Center (PACT), and the NextGen M-Pact online portal.

Health Equity and Patient Engagement

Technology has played a vital task in enhancing healthcare for the better. Advances in telemedicine, artificial intelligence, and big data have provided healthcare providers with more time to provide more patients with timely access to services, noted Mark Hauser. With that said, digital platforms are emerging to revolutionize how medical decisions are made, financial information is shared, and patients are treated. The tools and services that can make all of this possible can benefit everyone involved. In the past, these technologies were costly and difficult to develop. Still, Hauser Private Equity and HPE have proven that they can harness a wide range of digital tools and create scalable, successful digital programs.

Critical to Success for Healthcare Investors

Healthcare is a popular investment topic among experienced investors, but it’s also an ideal industry for strategic alliances and corporate transactions. Mark Hauser says, “One of the biggest benefits of the healthcare industry is the ever-increasing population of aging baby boomers. The demand for healthcare and healthcare services will significantly increase. With so much money being poured into the healthcare industry and growing partnerships and acquisitions, this is the perfect time to begin working on investment strategies and implement them into your portfolio, added Mark Hauser.

Bottom line

Investing in healthcare can be a lucrative and sustainable decision, as both baby boomers and millennials show a clear preference for healthcare for their retirement. A greater number of the baby boomer generation is interested in healthcare investment, which is great news for the industry. It has long been considered a lucrative sector for investment, but the investment returns have been tepid in recent years. The trend shows the average yield on healthcare investment at 0.36%, a clear sign of increased demand and opportunity in this space. The U.S. spends approximately 18.8% of its gross domestic product on healthcare expenditures. The overall world average is 12%.

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