The Bright and LUMENous Kristin Ihle

October 8, 2021 0 Comments

The United States and the world knows her as Kristin Molinaroli, elite athlete and Nike spokesperson. But Dr. Kristin Ihle has done so much more than become the face of USA Track and Field long miler events. She appeared on SEVEN Team USA rosters and earned acclaim by appearing in the 5K and 10K races in Atlanta and Sacramento’s Olympic Games. The elite sports community has benefited from her experiences on the world stage, from her professional consulting with NCAA athletic clubs, individual athletes, and organizations after she had obtained her Ph.D. in Multicultural Psychology.

Now Dr. Kristin Ihle has partnered with technology firm Avant, and the results are spectacular. With the development of LUMEN and its sister application DEAL, she has ensured that employees can get the same kind of feedback which allowed her to progress in her athletic career in their workplace. Developing Employees as Leaders (DEAL) allows upper managers to mentor the potential for professional growth within their workforce, and give specific actionable intelligence to benefit the entire organization.

Just like her coaches, trainers and supportive team had done for her as an athlete, Dr. Kristin Ihle wanted to empower the American and global workforce with that same high level of mentoring and supportive nudging towards greatness. Unlike alternative options for organizational leadership, the 360-degree feedback survey and individual coaching which would be challenging for remote workers due to the time constraints required of a 1:1 conversation and the inability to repeat the process more frequently than biannually? LUMEN is offering constructive developmental feedback in real-time, in measurable and easily executable steps. Employees and managers never feel overwhelmed, or out of the loop wondering “How am I doing?”

Developing applications, setting collegiate, national, and world records on the oval, and maintaining an active lifestyle while earning her Ph.D.? Dr. Kristin Ihle remains a force to be reckoned with, in or out of the boardroom.