Tim Murawski: Augmedics Leader and his Industry Role

April 19, 2022 0 Comments

The Augmedics Surgical System uses augmented reality technology to enable minimally invasive surgical operations and catheter navigation. The healthcare technology uses wireless 3D vision systems to help intraoperative positioning, surgical planning, and surgery recovery. The system can be used on operating tables, intraoperative transducers, and other robotic surgical tools. Healthcare expert Tim Murawski explains that the company anticipates entering the marketplace with its first product, the Augmedics CorPath GRX System, in late 2020. 


The Future of Surgery with Augmedics 

Timothy Murawski: Augmedics aims to use artificial intelligence to improve the outcomes of a surgeon’s surgical precision and allow surgeons to perform the procedures they need to complete without the limitations that have traditionally limited their capabilities. Augmedics is developing a robotic-assisted surgery through a platform that delivers the surgical expertise of a trained surgeon. It achieves this through augmented reality, making it possible to perform complex spinal procedures with a neurosurgical training level that is currently only accessible through advanced robotic-assisted surgery procedures.


The History of Augmedics 

There have been many attempts to create medical devices that help surgeons better plan and visualize complex procedures. Augmedics medical research firm robotic Mazor X allows surgeons to plan procedures using augmented reality without the need to look at 3-D images of their patients or plan complicated procedures manually (Medium). 


Augmedics’ robotic Mazor X does not replace the surgeon, according to the company. Instead, the device augments a surgeon’s ability to work on a patient. 


The Mazor Robot 

Augmedics develops wearable robotic devices to improve the patient experience during spinal surgery. Timothy Murawski: We’re developing systems that provide adaptive 3D vision to surgeons during surgery, improve efficiency, reduce procedural complications, and improve outcomes. Mazor Robotics is the flagship product. According to Tim Murawski, it’s a versatile surgical tool that provides surgeons with AR and VR to perform minimally invasive spine procedures and perform procedures on the periphery. Our system is used by more than 3,000 spine surgeons in 100 countries worldwide.